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The Benefits Of Online Therapy

Benefits of Therapy
Written by Collins Nwokolo

We cannot sleep for eight hours a night because we will delay our work. We do not do physical exercises because they are a “luxury”, something for those who have time left. We don’t have dinner with our families because the game will be over soon and we want to watch it on our sofas. We are not subject to long-term relationships because life is short and we must enjoy it with as many partners as we can.

This pattern of rush-based behavior, while popular, creates a disconnect in our lives. We become more and more oblivious to our own needs and the world around us. Stay tuned to know more benefits of online therapy.

Thus, we favor the development of conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, and other disorders, in addition to the inability to deal with the harsh realities of life, such as the loss of loved ones and traumatic events in general.

For these reasons, many people are unable to cope with their emotions and living conditions and seek help in therapy.

New technologies facilitate therapy from home, which has the same efficacy as face-to-face and which can help alleviate anxiety or coexistence problems derived from this exceptional situation.

The situation that we are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus has brought us all in just three weeks to live the most exceptional situation that we have probably experienced so far.

All these changes that we have had to face in such a short time can generate emotional problems in some people such as anxiety, stress, depression.

On the one hand, people who already suffered from any of these emotional ills, have It was possible to see how his symptoms intensified during these days, perceiving a worsening in his psychological health.

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On the other hand, there are people who before this situation did not have symptoms of anxiety or depression and as a result of all the changes, they have undergone in such a short time. They are experiencing those kinds of symptoms right now.

It is important to keep in mind that if the hectic pace and changes to which we are constantly subjected in our day-to-day life make the role of psychologists important in helping us to manage our lives in the best possible way, in these moments of crisis, help from psychology professionals becomes more relevant.

Apart from all the sudden changes that we have had to face in a very short time. The uncertainty of when this situation ends and we will return to “normality”, the fear that the health of our family, friends, and yourself is damaged.

It leads to the increased stress levels due to the job and economic instability we are experiencing, the sadness for all the people who are suffering so much right now, and the management of the tension that can cause social isolation.

How can this not generate moments of anxiety, sadness, anger, helplessness, and anger?

It is normal and natural to feel all these emotions and many others. The problem is not feeling them, the problem is how we manage them.

So now more than ever we must learn to manage anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions caused by this emergency.

If we see that we are struggling to properly manage the emotions we are feeling during these days and that our levels of anxiety, stress, or sadness are intensifying disproportionately, the best we can do is ask for professional help.

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How Can Online Therapy Help You During These Days Of Confinement?

Benefits of Online Therapy

Benefits of Online Therapy

It Offers Necessary Tools To Make This Situation More Bearable

If you feel that the situation we are experiencing is overcoming you, online therapy can provide you with a series of tools and coping strategies so that this situation becomes much more bearable and you do not see yourself overcome by it.

One of the essential aspects of any therapeutic process in psychology is knowing how to transfer the improvements experienced in the sessions to the day-to-day situations, the moments, and places when you are not with the psychologist.

In the case of online therapy in confinement situations, this process is easier, because we get used to associating what we feel in therapy with the place where we spend most of our time.

It Saves Time

Another one of the benefits of online therapy is that it saves time.  The online therapy format has the advantage that it allows us to save more time than in person, thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to go to the psychologist’s office. Also, the process is very simple: an appointment is scheduled and a video call connection is established.

It Has The Same Efficacy As Face-To-Face Therapy

It has been shown that the same benefits are obtained through online therapy through face-to-face therapy. The only one is the channel in which communication is established between psychologist and patient.

Helps Manage Anxiety

Many people experience high levels of anxiety due to not being able to go outside as usual or even having to be separated from their loved ones.

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Obsessive thoughts, stress from not spreading, and the bombardment of news that gives reason to worry mean that day-to-day is accompanied by high levels of anguish or even constant vigilance. This is another one of the many benefits of online therapy.

Fortunately, online psychotherapy offers many ways to address this problem: stress management training programs, relaxation exercises, exercises to identify emotions and adapt our behavior to them, guidelines for learning to detect problem behaviors that are part of our habits and they lead us to feel bad.

There are many ways in which psychological assistance at a distance favors better anxiety management.

It Can Help To Better Manage Relational Or Family Problems

In very few days we have been forced to stay under the same roof with our relatives. If the relationship is good, there may not be major problems and difficulties. It help you deal with family stress.

The problem arises when we have to live for so long with family members with whom there is no good relationship or there are unsolved problems.

In these cases, coexistence may become very difficult and we do not know how to find the appropriate way to manage it. Fortunately, online therapy can also help manage such situations appropriately and effectively.


Bottom Line

Our life will always be filled with anxiety, stress, and problems. However, how well we are able to manage or treat it can determine the quality of our life. Online therapy is a great way to do that and these benefits of online therapy, can help you love a great life today.

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