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5 Best Pets For Mental Health

Best Pets for Mental Health
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Mental health simply means a wide range of conditions that affect thinking, mood and behavior. A poor mental will most definitely lead to a poor physical health. Pets have powerful health benefits to mental health. Many studies show that caring for an animal can help relieve depression and anxiety, lower stress levels, and even improve your mental health. This article discusses the four best pets for mental health.

Pets are tamed or domestic animals kept for pleasure or companionship. There is a direct link between the problem of mental health and the solution that pets offer. Some pets such as dogs have been termed “man’s best friend”. This stems from the level of companionship that pets such as dogs, cats, etc., have brought to the human race. One of the major symptoms of poor mental health is depression. Research has shown that pets help to cure depression and reduce depressive tendencies. The choice of a pet depends largely on individual preference, but for a person already suffering from poor mental health, it is advised to select a pet that will not require too much care.

Below is the list of pets that will help a mental health sufferer find succor and companionship with little or no burden of care:

1. Dogs

Best Pets for Mental Health

This is perhaps the most popular pet. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They epitomize everything a mental health victim needs in a pet and offer companionship, friendship, and a level of bonding that excites the spirit. They also help to fight depression at all levels. They’re different breeds of dogs ranging from the big and fierce dogs such as rottweiler, German Shepherd, Bulldog, etc to the smaller and less hostile ones like the chihuahua, basenji, etc. Dogs can help to improve mood and also boost a person’s thinking and behavior when you take them for a walk or pet them on the head.

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2. Cats

Best Pets for Mental Health

They can be tagged as “man’s second-best friend” in my opinion. Cats are unarguably the second most popular pets after dogs. They’re a calm, clean, and very adorable alternative to dogs as pets. They can easily help to improve mental health through their quiet and highly “touchy” nature. They can help to interrupt negative thought routines by clinging to the person and demanding attention. This will help to reduce stress levels and help the mind relax. If you seek an alternative to dogs that won’t require much attention or care, then cats are the ideal pets for you to maintain good mental health.

3. Rabbits

These pets are unique in every way as they’re quiet, friendly, and cuddly. Rabbits are one of the most common pets globally, and they offer a calm and peaceful interaction with their owners. At first, they might suspect you’re a predator, but as time passes they build trust for their owners and make a great bond. Just get ready to be buying a lot of carrots while you enjoy your little friend.

4. Fish

Watching fishes swim either in an aquarium or in a bowl can be relaxing. Owning one of the above and putting a fish pet in reef aquarium with an aquarium chiller will do magic in helping the mind relax and improving the mental health of a person. They offer no cuddling opportunities but watching fishes alone can help you build a strong bond that will improve mood and reduce depression.


5. Parrots

Medical studies has even shown that owning pet birds such as parrots can improve your well-being, boost morale, reduce the symptoms of depression, and improve your social health. There are many reports of people who enjoy their companionship with birds. Some birds will also develop an ’emotional’ attachment to their human owners. If you struggle with loneliness, parrots are lively pets that make their environment lively. This makes them one of the best pets for mental health.

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Bottom Line

The choice of a pet depends largely on a person’s preference and desire. They all have the tendencies to improve mental health but the choice of animal is entirely a personal one. If you want to select of these pets for mental health, then you should do your due diligence and find out which of them you would be comfortable with.



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