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Useful Tips For Cleaning Your Fridge

Tips for cleaning your fridge
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The fridge is your workhorse in your kitchen. It runs day and night to keep your foods fresh. It is just right to keep it clean, neat, and organized all the time. Without regular fridge cleaning, it can easily give in to wear and tear. Also, stains and residue can buildup and give off an unpleasant smell. You would not want your foods to smell rotten and stinky, right? Then, it is about time that you give your fridge a deep and thorough clean. Cleaning the fridge can be easy, especially if you know the right steps to do it. It’s important to find out some simple tips for cleaning your fridge.

Here are some easy steps and tips in cleaning your fridge inside and out.


1. Prepare a huge space in your kitchen

Since you will clean the entirety of the fridge, everything in it will be taken out. Therefore, you need space for the foods and goods that will be taken out of the fridge. You will also need space in your kitchen sink as you will do a lot of washing and cleaning of shelves and drawers. 


2. Prepare cleaning materials

You will need sponges, soap, water, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning spray, and an anti-odor spray. You can use water with baking soda to remove the smell inside the fridge. All of these materials will be used to clean the interior of the fridge. You can make your cleaning agent as there are lots of ingredients that can be used for cleaning and odor deodorizing.

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3. Start with the shelves

Some fridges have removable shelves. This is better as you can wash the shelves on the sink. If not just use your cleaning materials to wipe the upper and under surfaces of the shelves. Use a sponge with little soap or cleaning spray to take away stains and residue. Dry it off with a cleaning cloth and anti-odor spray.


4. Work on the door and drawers

Drawers should be removed and washed in the kitchen sink. It is because this is where dirt and debris often get stuck. The door should also be wiped with a sponge and soap. Let the drawers dry before returning to the fridge. Everything should also be wiped with anti-odor spray.


5. Wipe everything from the uppermost part downwards

Wiping will ensure that everything is dry before you put the foods back. This will remove mildew and stains and keep the entire interior of your fridge clean and fresh. Start from the uppermost portion going downwards. Make sure that everything is already dry before putting the parts back in the fridge. 



1.  Start on top of the fridge

The top of the fridge could have accumulated lots of dirt and dust. Therefore, it should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove everything out. Thoroughly wipe it until all dirt has been eliminated.


2. Work your way downwards

Wiping should continue downwards as the exterior of the fridge could have lots of handprints and fingerprints already. 


Putting everything back

Now that your fridge is clean inside and out, it is time to put all the foods back in. Make sure that you inspect every item that you will put in your fridge. The foods that you will return to the fridge should not be spoiled, damaged, or rotten. Only the good ones will be put back. Organize the foods inside the fridge. Put items of the same kind together. This way, you can easily find what you are looking for. An organized fridge is also good to look at.

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Tips for cleaning your fridge

The fridge is an important part of your kitchen. A kitchen will not be as functional as it is without a fridge. You should therefore take care of it by regularly cleaning it. Keep in mind that it is the keeper of your foods. You would not want your family to eat foods that have been living in a dirty area. Following these tips for cleaning your fridge will keep your environment hygienic. In keeping your fridge clean, you are also protecting the health of your family. It is important to keep a schedule for thorough cleaning of your fridge and make sure that you stick with it. A clean fridge is not just good for the sight but it is also beneficial for your health and prevents any unwanted odor in your kitchen. 



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