CBD Gummies For Sleep: Are They Worth a Try

CBD Gummies For Sleep
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Do you also crave a good sleep the whole day, but when you get to sleep, it suddenly disappears? Well, you are not alone. A majority of the working population goes through a similar situation. 70% of Americans fail to sleep for recommended hours. The situation is worse with American workers, where one-third get less than six sleeping hours per night.

When experts say that an adult should take seven to nine hours of sleep daily, it is sad that some people fail to sleep all night. The question is, why do people fail to get the minimum amount of sleep? The reasons are stress, anxiety, pain, sleeping disorders, such as insomnia, etc. 

If you look on the internet for a solution, you might hear the name of Sunday scaries CBD gummies. But is CBD worth it? Does it give a good sleep, or is it only marketing propaganda? You will find all these answers through this article.


Research On CBD Gummies for Sleep

For a long time, cannabis was surrounded by controversies. The federal government did not approve its use and storage. Also, research was limited. Thus, most of the claims on cannabis are anecdotal. 

It means it comes from the experience of people who have either tried cannabis themselves or share a story of someone who has used it. However, there is still some research that shows the efficiency of Sunday scaries CBD gummies for sleep. 

According to Jeff Chan, MBA, MD, CEO and co-founder of Radicle Science, and founding member of UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, some small and trustable studies observe pure CBD for sleep. Some of them are:

  • A study organized in 2019 to observe the effects of CBD in sleep showed that 66.7% of the participants going through sleep disorder and anxiety benefited from doses of CBD, ranging between 25 Mg to 75 Mg. The total number of participants was 72. 
  • In another systematic review of 2018, we found that the effectiveness of CBD in pain can directly affect sleep. It could give people healthy and sound sleep who fail to sleep because of chronic or acute pain. 
  • In 2018, a study performed on 27 healthy participants brought shocking results. The 300 Mg of CBD gave no significant benefit on sleep compared to the placebo.
  • Chen says, “Sleep disorders, mood disorders, and pain disorders are often co-occurring, and CBD could possibly indirectly improve sleep by improving an underlying anxiety or pain condition.” However, the FNP, MSN, the medical director for the Malie Cannabis Clinic, and faculty at Pacific College of health and science say that things become confusing because there are possibilities that a small dose of CBD gives stimulating effects instead of sedating effects. For example, a study organized in 2014 found that a small dose ( almost 15 Mg ) of CBD might have altering effects.
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So, you can say that Sunday Scaries CBD gummies give good sleep if consumed in the required amount. Chen says, “There is no firm evidence regarding whether CBD may help with sleep, and if so, what dose of CBD is most appropriate.”

Most research on CBD for sleep is at fundamental levels. However, people who are going through chronic pain and are helpless to get good sleep benefit from CBD. The question unanswered is whether that was because CBD cures pain or a direct connection between CBD and sleep. Also, the recommended dosage is still awaited. To know more about which dosage is perfect for sleep, more research is required.


How does CBD Affect Sleep?

As CBD is known to cure a lot of issues, it might directly or indirectly affect sleep in these ways:

  • Anxiety And Sleep

Although, anxiety is not a sleeping disorder. It can significantly contribute to insufficient sleep, poor quality sleep, and sleep disorders. Since CBD is known to calm the nervous system, researchers believe it could also reduce anxiety. In a study, 80% of participants felt reduced anxiety within one month of use of CBD.

  • Insomnia and CBD

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where people either face trouble in sleeping or in staying asleep. It affects your concentration, productivity, and mood. Insomnia can also result in anxiety as people become desperate to get adequate sleep. 

Since CBD is effective in anxiety, the possibilities are it can also treat anxiety associated with insomnia. A study on the effects of CBD and THC is underway. The result from that study will offer further insight into the benefits of CBD on Insomnia.

  • Excessive Daytime Sleeping Disorder and CBD
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Some people suffer from getting sleep at night but are always sleepy in the daytime. They face challenges during typical work hours. Initial research shows that CBD can also play the role of a wake-inducing substance. However, it also has sedating effects, depending on the dose you consume.

So, in these ways, CBD might affect sleep. But are there any side effects? You will find it in the next section.

CBD Gummies For Sleep

Possible Side Effects of CBD

Although CBD is not a psychotic compound, it can still bring some side effects. Some of the side effects that came out on the human studies of using CBD for psychiatric disorders and epilepsy are:

  • Drug Interactions
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea.

However, all these side effects are general ones that get treated themselves. Besides, there is a group of people who should avoid CBD; they are:

  • Breastfeeding women, Pregnant women, and women trying to conceive should avoid consuming CBD. It is because there are no studies to show how it impacts the baby or human fetuses.
  • Heavy alcohol consumers and people with liver diseases should stay away from CBD as much as possible. It is because CBD might further affect their lungs negatively.
  • People are already taking certain kinds of meditation. Sometimes, a drug or other medication might combine with CBD to give adverse effects. 


Besides these, most people can consume CBD without worrying if their state allows it.



Though, there is enough proof to show that CBD is good for sleep. There is a need for research that could explore the necessary dosage and how it affects sleep. However, until you wait for the studies, you might try one or more CBD gummies to see whether it suits you or not. 

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