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How To Create A Healthy Home Environment

How To Create A Healthy Home Environment
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Home is typically where people feel the most comfortable and a clean, aesthetic, and positive atmosphere promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Everyone has their own cleaning habits and timelines at home, but all of that aside, there are simple habits you can add to your day to create a healthier living environment. There are parts in our home that may be impacting us negatively and we many not even realize it.

Clean the Air

Yes, even the air of your home needs to be refreshed. How do you achieve this? The most accessible and natural way to do this is by opening the windows and letting fresh air flow in. Ideally, do this process 1-2 times per day even in the coldest or hottest months. The lack of fresh air in your home will make the air inside feel heavy. Other ways of doing this is by investing in an air purifier and incorporating essential oils to your space. 

Clean Clutter

A cluttered home keeps the mind full of noise. People with more cluttered homes will commonly find that they feel overwhelmed in the space. Not only this, but the more items there are lying around in a space, the more dust and filth will gather in the nooks and crannies of your space. This makes it a hassle to clean and is a culprit for filth to collect and go unnoticed for prolonged periods of time. You don’t need to take the minimalism to an extreme to declutter a space. 

Dust the Home

That brings us to our next point — dusting the home regularly. A few days worth of dust collection around the house is enough to irritate your sinuses. Inhaling too much dust long-term can lead to the rise of lung and breathing related health issues. Too much dust in the house is already harmful for people with existing breathing concerns such as asthma

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You can also use a cleaning service company like Fabulously Clean House Cleaning for help with cleaning your home and keeping dusts out.

Change Towels Often

Towels, sponges, and any other clothes that you keep around the house are hotspots for bacteria collection. Every time you don’t use a hand dryer outside and wipe your hands on a towel, it creates a breeding ground for foul smelling bacteria. Clean the towels often and replace them when they start showing signs of wearing out. This is will certainly improve the health quality of your home. Not changing dish towels or bath towels often enough could be a hidden reason why you are feeling ill, especially if they are shared between household members and guests. 

Add Greenery

Adding green and colorful plants to your space not only makes it feel lively, but it makes it helps create a much healthier space as well. Most green plants will improve the air quality of the space, allowing for fresher air in your home if you keep a significant amount of greenery. Plants also provide a sense of comfort, promoting positive mental health as well. 

How To Create A Healthy Home Environment

Separate Cutting Boards

These seemingly harmless household items can actually be harmful to your health if not used properly. If you have a single chopping board that you use for vegetables, fruit, and meat alike, then it’s time to toss it out. Bacteria from raw meat and its fluids can stay in the deep curves of a chopping board, impacting anything else that you cut on it. Keep a separate cutting board for meat and another one for fruit and vegetables to promote a healthier kitchen. 

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Keep Electronics Clean

You carry your phone and headphones around to hundreds of different places just in one day. If you don’t clean your phone regularly, then you are bring all of that bacteria and filth collected from public places into your home. The rest of your electronics aren’t any different. They are often overlooked parts of your house that are prone to collecting dust and the bacteria from your hands when touching the buttons, wires, or handles. It’s best to make a habit of disinfecting them from time to time. 

Clean Bedsheets

Your comforter, mattress, and pillow collect your sweat, dead skin cells, or anything else that we shed on a normal day. Even if you bathe before entering your bed, the sheets require changing every 2-4 weeks in order to hygienic. If left unchanged, you may notice irritation on the skin, acne, and other skin-contact issues arising. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not only a thing from cartoons, they can actually strike your bed. Clean bedsheets can also stop your room from smelling, and help you sleep better.

Keep it safe

Another important too on how to create a healthy home environment is to keep it safe. Most childhood injuries happen at home. From falls, to poisoning, and burns, these home accidents can be avoided when you keep your home safe. You should keep electronics away from water, install grab bars in the shower, clean up spills immediately, and keep dangerous items far from your children.

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