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Discover the Best Tasting Protein From Orgain

Discover the Best Tasting Protein From Orgain
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It’s been a common complaint for people who take protein powders: Some of them just don’t taste good. No matter what you mix them in, how deeply you have tried to hide them in other foods, or how fast you try to choke them down, they just taste bad. They might have a chalky aftertaste, get gritty all over your teeth, or have an aftertaste where you are tasting the protein powder for hours afterward.

Protein powders shouldn’t taste terrible because not only is it food, but it is also something you might need to eat whenever it comes to your workout. If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, and enhance your food and your workouts, you might need to routinely eat them for a long while. A bad-tasting protein powder can also stop you from continuing the routine.

This article is going to delve into why protein powders taste terrible, and why this new protein powder from Orgain tastes better than its competition. 

Reason 1: A Terrible Aftertaste

Most protein powders have a taste that some people consider like ‘licking aluminum foil,’ which will make everyone start to grimace. The reason this bitter and long-lasting aftertaste happens is that, ironically, of the sweetness in the powder. Most protein powders have artificial sweeteners, and they tend to activate the bitter areas of your mouth along with the sweet ones.

To prevent this, Orgain uses natural sweeteners to enhance the protein powder, including organic monk fruit extract. The monk fruit is a melon from southeast Asia, and it tastes quite a lot like sugar without all the negative health benefits.

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Reason 2: The Protein Powder Tastes Like Chalk

Sometimes mixing your protein powder into something such as milk or peanut butter can hide the chalky aftertaste, especially if the protein powder doesn’t have a flavoring. However, some protein powders are going to taste chalky, and there’s a reason for that. Most protein powders strip the foods of everything but protein, taking away all the natural parts of the food, including some nutrients that make it taste good.

Instead, you just get protein concentrates and isolates that don’t taste good and give that chalky aftertaste. Orgain uses a protein blend that compensates for the lack of nutrients, mixing the protein of the chickpeas and brown rice with organic chia seeds and oat powder. That, plus all the other natural ingredients, helps to prevent the chalk taste.

Reason 3: The Protein Powder Is Gritty

Everyone hates that feeling that you have whenever you get back from the dentist, where you’ve got all that grittiness on your teeth, and it takes a while to get off. Protein powders can sometimes be very gritty too, and you don’t want that sensation all over your teeth and mouth the day after day as you drink your shakes.

Most plant-based proteins tend to be less refined and processed than other proteins and can be coarse. A great way to overcome this is to place your shakes in a blender because the blender will overcome that grittiness and help you get a smooth, creamy shake that will go down easily and won’t leave you feeling like you need to brush your teeth to get the gritty feeling out.

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For Orgain, they try to use ingredients in their powder that aren’t gritty to help with taste, but typically using a blender is a very good idea to smooth things out. Otherwise, you might need to keep shopping around with protein powders until you find the right one that matches your taste buds.

Buying The Best Tasting Protein Powder

One of the best protein powders is the Organic Protein Oat Milk Plant-Based Protein Powder. This oat milk protein powder comes in 1-pound canisters and comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors and can be delivered every 30, 45, or 60 days. You will get 20 grams of plant-based protein with every single serving, along with the benefits of whole grain oats and no extra added sugar. 

In addition to its great taste, the oat milk powder is gluten-free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, organic, and made without soy, dairy, or lactose. It’s great-tasting and overcomes all of the problems that make other protein powders not taste good! 

So make sure to buy this protein powder and use it to enhance your workouts! You can get a subscription to buy the powder at a discount price and receive automated shipments or just make a one-time purchase to try it out. However, if you’ve been hopping from protein powder to protein powder and looking around for the perfect one, your journey might stop here with the Organic Protein Oat Milk Plant-Based Protein Powder! 

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