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8 Essential Exercises for Remote Workers to Combat Sedentary Lifestyles

Exercises for Remote Workers to Combat Sedentary Lifestyles
Written by Collins Nwokolo

By Gina Thompson 

Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes our jobs get in the way. When we are packed into cubicles or working remotely, we become more sedentary. 

You may not realize it, but the shift to work-from-home limits our physical fitness. We used to walk upstairs to a conference room, and now we just roll out of bed to call into our meetings. 

Here are eight essential exercises remote workers can start doing right now to combat a sedentary lifestyle and enhance their overall fitness: 

1. Standing Desk + Walking Pad

The number one way to beat a sedentary lifestyle is to get mobile. You can even do it while working and joining virtual meetings thanks to the standing desk and walking pad combination.

A walking pad is perfect for the at-home worker who wants to burn calories while reading emails. The standing desk also allows you to stretch your legs and correct your posture, minimizing back and neck pain.  

Exercises for Remote Workers to Combat Sedentary Lifestyles

2. Climb Stairs 

Stairs are an accessible way to exercise because they are everywhere. You can find stairs in your home, at your apartment complex, or even at a local park.

Run (or walk) up and down the stairs for five to ten reps to get your heart rate up and muscles moving. As an added benefit, exercise also boosts your concentration, making it a win-win for workers looking to get more done. 

3. Burn While You Clean

Did you know you can burn more than 100 calories sweeping? That’s right, cleaning your house counts as a daily activity.

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Turn your chores into timed “workouts” by testing how fast you can sweep an area. You can also tighten your core while sweeping to engage more muscles.

4. Lunchtime Swim

Head to your local gym or even your backyard for a lunchtime swim. Swimming during your lunch break adds cardio exercise to your day and works out nearly every muscle in your body, especially your lungs.

Best of all, swimming pools are not exclusive to summertime, especially if you live in Texas or Florida. These two states may be the best cities for swimming pools, but most towns have public and private pools available.  

5. Do Yoga

If work is stressful, yoga is the exercise for you. Yoga combines physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. Breathwork calms your mind, while the exercise oxygenates your blood. 

Learn simple yoga combinations like Sun Salutation and practice when you have a fifteen-minute break. You can also use yoga to start your day off on the right foot with a positive mindset. 

6. Full-Body Breaks

Thanks to our bodies, we never need expensive machines or weights to exercise. Instead, exercise at home with full-body workout breaks.

Simple activities like jumping jacks and push-ups have health benefits. Donkey kicks can strengthen your core and carve your leg muscles, while squats and wall sits are quick ways to increase your heart rate and feel the burn.

Aim for a combination of exercises to feel whole-body benefits. 

7. Doorway Pull-ups

Turn every threshold into a pull-up opportunity. At-home pull-up bars are easy to install and remove.

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Leave the pull-up bar over your office door to encourage you to do five pull-ups every time you pass. Not only can pull-ups work out your arms, but they also train your back and core muscles. 

8. Stretch Breaks

Don’t forget to stretch every day. Stretching gets your muscles moving and lowers your risk of injury.

Your joints will also thank you for keeping them limber. Toe-touches and lunges stretch your back and hamstrings, while shoulder swings work your upper-body muscles. 

Remember, you should also eat a balanced diet, drink water, and get plenty of sleep to ensure you’re making the most of your exercises. Just incorporating one of these exercises will help you combat a sedentary lifestyle.

For more inspiration, exercises, and the science behind getting healthy, head to You Must Get Healthy to help you get started today. 


Gina Thompson is an experienced multimedia journalist, producer, and content writer born and raised in Texas. In her spare time, she loves catching a live band, dancing, and finding the next big taco spot. As a writer, she is passionate about making a positive impact on her community by elevating the voices and stories that need to be heard.

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