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Crucial Fitness Tips For Your Joints

Fitness Tips For Your Joints
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The joints are a very critical part of the body. Not all fitness tips are suitable for the joints. The wrong kind of fitness can hurt the joints, even though it strengthens the other parts of the body.

Knowing the right fitness tips for your joint is a priority. Also, for optimum results, you should combine it with a treatment program. The right fitness tips for joints should be able to do the following:

  • Maintain bone strength.
  • Strengthen muscles around joints.
  • Increase energy.
  • Help control weight.
  • Improve balance

If you are suffering from any joint problem like arthritis, ensure to contact your physical therapist first before adopting any fitness routine for your joints.

Let’s check out the fitness tips for your joints:

1. Range-of-motion exercises

Range of motion exercises is one of the best fitness tips for your joints. These exercises allow your joints to go through a full range of motion and help lessen stiffness. Range-of-motion exercises can be done indoors and outdoors. Also, it should be done daily for maximum results. 

Examples of range-of-motion exercises include:

  • Stretching arms high
  • Rolling shoulders, forward and backward.

2. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises cater to the overall body, not just the joint. They strengthen the joints, improve lung and heart health, increase energy, and help to control weight.

Aerobic exercise should be done in moderation to benefit the joints, as strenuous ones can strain the joints and make breathing harder.

Examples of moderate aerobic exercises that are good for the joints include:

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Try doing 10 minutes of any of these aerobic exercises simultaneously. It is advised to complete up to 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week.

3. Strength training exercises

As the name depicts, strength training exercise helps to strengthen and build the muscles around the joints.

A major example of strengthening exercise is weight training. Weight training builds and strengthens muscle strength. You can use hand weights and resistance bands to build strength.

Other Fitness Activities

Daily activities such as brisk walking, jogging, or mowing the lawn provide support to the joint. As long as the exercise makes the body moves, it can be good for the joints and help improve posture and balance.

Tips To Protect Your Joints During Fitness Routine

If you aren’t an active person, start slowly when starting a fitness routine. You might hurt your joints and muscles if you begin hard, with force.

Below are the tips you should observe during fitness routines.

  • Go slowly: Start with slow and easy movements. Don’t rush it. If you feel pain in your joints, take a break. If you notice any form of swelling or redness around your joint area, pause and seek help from a physical therapist. It might be a sign of an underlying joint problems.
  • Go for low-impact exercise: It is advised to keep the impact low when running a fitness routine for your joints. Go for low-impact exercises that do not stress the joint but keep you moving. Examples of low-impact exercise include water aerobics, bicycling (stationary or recumbent), and elliptical trainer workouts.
  • Use heat: Heat helps to lessen pain before exercise and relaxes the joints and muscles. You can apply heat to your joints with a hot pack or warm towel. It shouldn’t be too hot- the temperature of the heat should be warm.
  • Go gently: When starting, move your joints gently to wake them. Start with range-of-motion exercises for 10 minutes before transcending to aerobic and strengthening exercises.
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The fitness tips can help improve the joints help which will prevent problems like arthritis and inflammation.

Never overdo it when running a fitness program for your joints, especially if you have had a joint problem before. Go slowly and gently, and learn to pause when your joints start arching. 

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