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7 Helpful Fitness Tips For Over 40’s

Fitness Tips For Over 40's
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Do you remember when you were only 18 years old? You’d agree that the energy that coursed through you when you were younger is priceless. But, unfortunately, that changes when you become an adult.

Many older people complain of one physical health complication or the other as they age. This is especially common in people who just crossed the 40 mark. It is because a 40-year-old body doesn’t bulk up or burn fat in the same way it used to two decades ago.

This doesn’t mean that are no practical steps to take to condition your body to stay fit no matter the age you’re rocking.

Below are some of the most helpful fitness tips for over 40’s.

1. Get outside as much as possible

If you live in regions where the weather is cold, it helps to take advantage of indoor activities. You can take some time out to visit museums, galleries, art centers, and libraries. It’s not unusual to find lots of free places that can pique your interest. 

However, if you’re not so keen on being indoors, then just walk around your neighborhood. The fresh air will do wonders for your health.

2. Always warmup before exercising

As you grow older, your muscles and tendons become less flexible and that can lead to injury. However, warming y for 10 to 15 minutes can help you avoid injuries before exercising. This is one of the most important fitness tips for over 40’s. In fact, warming up should not be a thing you do before your workout, but rather it must be the first part of your workout.

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3. Have fun

When you’re older, you may want to spend more time with friends and family rather than working out at the gym. That, too, is okay! 

Just remember to enjoy life while you can. Take part in sports, hobbies, dancing, singing and other activities that bring you joy.

4. Eat well

The food you eat when you’re young can affect how you age. For instance, eating junk means you store extra pounds around your middle. On the other hand, healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risks of heart disease.

Fitness Tips For Over 40's

5. Practice light strength training

Once you are above the age of 40, you’ll need to adapt your strength training to keep up with the changes that happen to your body when you age. Hence, men and women over 40 should take a slightly different approach to strength training than their younger peers. Over 40’s should practice light strength training exercises at most, three times a week.

6. Know your limits

Don’t push yourself beyond your physical or mental capabilities. Don’t try to do something you know you shouldn’t. Worst case scenario, you’d get hurt or hurt someone. Instead, it helps if you pace yourself while crossing limits you haven’t before. If, however, you’re aren’t sure about the outcome of your newfound love for rock climbing or sky-diving, the best you can do is ask questions from professionals. 

7. Try other exercises

There are so many other variety of workouts you can do as you get older. You can try out workouts such as kettlebells, dancing, yoga, barbell exercisess, swimming, and martial arts. These exercises are medium-weight, medium-rep exercises that offer the kind of strength and flexibility your body needs as it ages.

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Bottom Line

Engaging in regular physical activity is a must for any age group. However, it is imperative to know what works best for you at a certain age. These fitness gips for over 40’s discussed above all help you stay fit as a fiddle as you get older.

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