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10 Health Benefits of Going to Bed Early

Health Benefits of Going to Bed Early
Written by Collins Nwokolo

People often find it hard to go to bed early, but there are many reasons why this is a good thing. It’s been found that going to bed on time can be beneficial for your health in more ways than one. This article discusses some health benefits of going to bed early.

Although, going to bed early at night as a sleep schedule may not work for everyone, the most important thing is to make sure you get enough sleep and that it’s good quality sleep.

Irrespective of your sleep schedule, there are many health benefits of sleeping earlier and getting more hours of sleep.

10 Health Benefits of Going to Bed Early

Health Benefits of Going to Bed Early

1. Reduces the risk to several diseases

Early bedtimes may be a preventive strategy for life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Because it disrupts our circadian cycle, the World Health Organization has categorized night shift employment as a possible cancer-causing agent.

Medical studies claim that sleeping less than six or seven hours a night doubles cancer risk, with inadequate sleep being a major lifestyle factor in predicting whether or not someone would acquire Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Leads to healthy heart

In the United States, high blood pressure seems to be on the increase. According to reports, 75 million people in the United States are affected – that’s one out of every three!

Sleep may improve or save your life if you have high blood pressure, raising your risk of heart disease and stroke. 

It doesn’t sound like a far-fetched assertion, given that heart disease is the top cause of mortality worldwide, and a stroke occurs every 40 seconds in the United States.

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3. Improves your memory

Both animal and human research have shown that getting enough high-quality sleep (seven to eight hours) has a beneficial effect on learning and memory. 

Sleep is important for learning new knowledge, according to a growing body of studies. It helps us absorb and retain information over time.

Furthermore, it safeguards freshly acquired knowledge and keeps us from forgetting what we’ve learned.

4. Helps with weight loss

There’s a mountain of data that sleep is the most important factor in weight loss – it keeps the pounds from piling on.

According to sleep scientists and physicians, insufficient sleep impacts the production of cortisol (a hormone that controls hunger) and the body’s capacity to manage blood sugar levels.

This implies that you’re more likely to gain weight or develop illnesses like type 2 diabetes if you don’t get enough sleep.

Furthermore, people who are sleep-deprived are frequently too exhausted to engage in vigorous physical exercise and burn fat, causing their waistlines to expand!

5. Boosts your energy

Insufficient sleep, on the other hand, causes a sluggish and tired sensation. The body releases therapeutic activities such as muscle development, tissue repair, and growth hormones during sleep.

Sleep allows the body to replenish what it has lost while awake, which is a major advantage for energy levels and another reason to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

6. Boosts the immune system

In contrast to someone who gets the required seven to eight hours of sleep, those with shorter sleep duration and insomnia are more likely to have a depressed immune system.

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According to renowned neurologist Dr David Perlmutter (author of The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan), the body metabolizes many waste products after 10 p.m., and the immune system recharges itself between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

7. Reduces anxiety and depression 

A large body of scientific and medical data shows that not getting enough sleep has a substantially detrimental effect on mood. It may lead to increased levels of stress, sorrow, rage, and mental fatigue.

Individuals with insomnia were five times more likely to acquire depression and twenty times more likely to develop panic disorder, according to extensive research of 10,000 people suffering from sleep problems.

8. Reduce risk of getting into accidents

Drowsy brains do not make the greatest choices. Sleep deprivation causes low levels of awareness and slow response times.

According to AAA research, it’s unsurprising that sleepy driving is responsible for one out of every six fatal traffic accidents and one out of every eight collisions requiring hospitalization of vehicle drivers or passengers.

9. Increases general work productivity

Following a good night’s sleep, increased productivity levels will result from improved memory, mental capacity to concentrate, and a happy mood.

Morning folks, according to research, have all the crucial cards. They are more likely to get higher grades in school, gain admission to better institutions, and have more employment possibilities. Taking asleep at work has even been shown to increase productivity!

10. Improves athletic performance

Sleep may improve an athlete’s performance. It’s a valuable tool for everyone, not just those putting in a lot of miles on lengthy marathon runs.

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Sleep improves performance in various ways, including speed (alert brains have quicker response times) and coordination (as sleep is crucial for cementing learnings from during the day).


We understand that it can be difficult to go to bed early. But there are many benefits you and they will enjoy if you make an effort! Take good note of these 10 health benefits of going to bed early and see how much better everyone in your family might start feeling. 

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  • I totally agree! I used to sleep so late at night and those were the most unhealthy I have felt. I was always sick and unproductive. This article is great and would definitely help people realize how sleeping early is so important. Thanks for this!

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