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Life and Light: 5 Different Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

Written by Collins Nwokolo
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A lot of us don’t put much thought into how lights can affect our mood and our emotional well-being. However, you need to know the scientific explanations why we tend to feel bad-tempered when the bright lights are on and inclined to feel more relaxed when lights are turned down low. Indeed, the various intensity and types of light have a real effect on how we think and feel.

Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

That’s why it will do you good if you know how lights can interfere with our emotions and thoughts in this manner. So here are the ways and the scientific explanations about it. Take some time and take a read!

1. Lights Can Have Impact on Our Appetite

Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

Studies show that light has an impact on how we crave for food and how we perceive flavors. Typically, we tend to munch our food slower when we are eating in restaurants that have dim lights.

It also shows that our disposition to eat unhealthy foods increases when we eat in dark places because we think less about our food selection. Take your cue from the famous fast food joints, their interiors have dim lightings which encourage for customers to order and eat more.


Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

2. Natural Light Provides Us a Happy Disposition

If you go outside and bask in the sun, it is likely that you will be happier and attain a more sunny disposition. A study concludes that people in work environments with an open window tend to sleep more at night, exercise more, and have healthy emotional well-being.

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It is because when we expose ourselves more to sunlight, our natural body clock will be more precise, helping us know when to feel happy and sleepy. Natural light also shows to help minimize our depressive symptoms. In fact, with the help of light therapy, we can now reduce the symptoms of depression.

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Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

3. Blue Light Can Make You Feel Energized
Increased exposure to blue light during daytime can increase our energy levels and make us more perceptive. There was a recent study on how blue lights affect us, and researchers found that subjects who get more exposure to sunlight tend to be more energetic and productive.
The participants were able to accomplish their tasks faster and with more accuracy than those who didn’t get blue light exposure.


Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

4. Blue Light Can Disturb Our Sleep Pattern
While blue light can be beneficial to us by providing us the required energy during the day, there is a downside to it when the exposure occurs at night. Blue light from our modern gadgets such as smartphones can be a hindrance to sleep because it suppresses the production of the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin in our body.

It is no wonder that sleep problems are common to us who use laptops and smartphones during the night. When we expose ourselves to blue light before we go to bed, there is a great chance that we will have difficulty sleeping. So it is advisable that we stay away from using gadgets when it’s bedtime.

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For you to sleep soundly at night, you need to have lights with dimmers for you to control the light’s brightness. You can look for dimmer lights in sites like Black Mango for that purpose.

5. Bright Lights Intensify Our Emotions

Ways Lights Can Affect Our Mood and Health

Yes, bright lights can heighten both our positive and negative emotions. According to a 2014 study, participants exposed to bright lights display heightened emotions when asked to assess a series of negative and positive situations.

They showed stronger judgments about these situations than those subjects who were placed in a dimly lit room.  Thus, when you’re feeling emotional, it’s a wise decision to steer clear of dim areas as they will only trigger your emotional tendencies.

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Lights is an integral part of our lives because it helps us do the tasks that we need to accomplish within the day. However, we think little of how lights can affect our mood and emotional well-being. It is essential that we know about this aspect for us to understand and better utilize lights to our advantage.

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