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5 Drinks that Can Help with Your Anxiety

Valerian root tea Drinks that Can Help with Your Anxiety
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Sometimes, people get worried, anxious, and freaked out because of a lot of reasons. It could be because of work-related issues, financial stress, family problems, affairs in relationships, etc.

Too much stress can result in the heart beating faster than usual, not getting some sleep, and thinking about impending doom. You may discover that your breath is getting shallower and rapid every minute, and you simply wish that you could relax and take things more slowly.

For some, the remedy for their anxiousness is to get energy drinks or swallow a pill that their doctor had prescribed them. However, you may notice that they have specific side effects like being dependent on these stimulants, getting more heart palpitations, and not being able to sleep.

Ultimately, your body reacts to your distress, and some outcomes can be positive, like being more motivated to work. The effect may even become detrimental to your health in an alternate route, like worsened symptoms, chest pain, headaches, and high blood pressure.

If you’re freaked out and having a full-blown episode of anxiety, it’s best if you could go with organic and safe health remedies before taking any pills. Some of these non-stimulating drinks can actually have a positive effect on your health. Know that your body’s reaction to these drinks may vary, but other people have anecdotal reports about how their conditions improved in no time with these beverages.

1. Kava

Kava is a plant that has heart-shaped leaves, and it’s specifically common in tropical islands. Hawaii, Samoa, and Fiji cultivate these plants because of their relaxing effects and pleasant sensations. Check out sites like for more information about this non-alcoholic beverage often used to treat general anxiety disorder. Some people say that a high dose of kava can even make you go to sleep and induce euphoria when you’re anxious.

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There’s also the interaction of the kavain in the kava plant to the dopamine in your body. This means that you can quickly form a habit of drinking kava tea to help you relax. This anxiety-relieving plant can also be available in the form of capsules and powder, so you may want to check them out as well.

2. Valerian Root Tea

Valerian root tea Drinks that Can Help with Your Anxiety

Many people consider valerian root tea as one of their favorite drinks because it can drastically improve one’s nighttime sleep and have a soothing effect. Even if it does not have a pleasant aroma compared to others, you can still ease your anxiety and relieve various symptoms of stress with this. This is why some drink this during the night time to ensure that they don’t experience any insomnia.

Studies that were made in 2008 have shown that the valerian root can improve the quantities of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid or GABA in the brain. This is a compound that’s usually used to regulate the nerve cells and calm one’s anxiety. This is often the logic behind the prescription of Valium and Xanax.

The root is rich in valerenic acids and valerenol, increasing the GABA chemicals in one’s brain. This will give you the calming sensations you’re looking for without any side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. A cup of tea may be enough to improve your sleep quality, but it’s highly discouraged to take this in the morning, especially if you’re going for a drive. The tea can make you feel more fatigued and tired than usual.

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3. Smoothies that Reduce Anxieties

Smoothie Recipes With Almond milk

You can start your day with smoothies that have anti-anxiolytic ingredients. A combination of almond butter, cacao, chia seeds, and avocado can significantly reduce the stress that you may be feeling. Avocado alone is rich in vitamin B, which is considered a stress buster. Its creaminess can help more sensitive palate, and it can also promote healthier cells. 

Meanwhile, chia seeds are excellent sources of magnesium which is critical for the mitigation of depression and stress. This is an ingredient with a higher number of fatty acids that can combat inflammation in the body. Overall, the result is lower stress and anxiety. Almond butter will be able to modulate your body’s reaction to stress since it has a high zinc content. Get more info about the benefits of almond butter in this link here

Finally, there’s the cacao that can boost your serotonin levels, and this will generally impact your mood. The polyphenols may minimize the quantities of your stress hormone in no time. You just need to add four teaspoons of chia seeds to two glasses of water in a jug. Afterwards, blend the contents, add two bananas, four dates, half an avocado, two tablespoons of cacao powder, and almond butter, then serve.

4. Oat Straw Drinks

Oat straw drink

Green oats are one of the excellent sources of oat straws. This is an ingredient that helps improve the central nervous system and one’s mood. It’s known to be used in the Middle Ages, where people associated this with a decreased risk of heart diseases and anxiety levels.

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Research shows that this ingredient will help boost your alpha-2 brain waves, and this will, in turn, increase your alertness when you’re awake. Your nitric oxide may also be enhanced by regularly drinking straw oats, and they essentially suppress the artery wall inflammation cytokines in one’s body. The trigger can increase the alertness, calmness, and cognitive function of the person drinking it.

5. Fresh Fruit Juices

Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

When the body is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, it’s more resilient to pressure and stress. This is the reason why so many people opt to drink fresh fruit juices as one of their more effective remedies for anxiety. These drinks have the right amounts of vitamins that are not usually found in alcohol and other sports drinks.

Even studies say that consuming at least 3,000 mg of vitamins every day can reduce one’s physical and mental reactions towards anxiety. Consumers who are taking about 1,000 mg of vitamins daily will only react mildly to stress compared to those who don’t. Generally, mornings will mean that one has a higher cortisol level in the body, but a fresh mango, berry, or cantaloupe juice can combat this in no time.

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