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5 Emotional Benefits of Knitting

Emotional Benefits of Knitting
Written by Collins Nwokolo

It is amazing how beneficial knitting is to mental health and emotional stability. Knitting is a form of craft that involves the intertwining of threads using special needles to create a piece of clothing or decoration. Knitting is one of the oldest forms of fabric weaving, and it is said to be therapeutic and a strong emotional booster.

Knitting is a great happiness booster. The sense of joy that emanates from creating something makes knitting a great choice for a pastime or hobby because of the overwhelming mental and physical health benefits.

The correlation between emotion and knitting can be traced to what is called ‘flow’. Flow simply refers to a mental state where a person is fully or engrossed in something. This state of flow is a very good remedy for fear, worry, and anxiety, etc. Knitting stimulates the brain into a state of ‘flow’ thereby, causing the brain to release emotional boosting hormones such as oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, etc. These chemical neurotransmitters help to send a sense of joy and happiness all over the body.

Considering how important the emotional well-being of a person is, it is extremely important to engage in activities that will benefit the emotional health. Some of the obvious emotional health benefits of knitting can be summarized below:

1. Boosts happiness

The sense of fulfillment that emanates from creating something new fills up the mind with happiness during knitting. Knitting makes you forget all the pain-causing thoughts and help you stay focus on the joy of doing something new and worthwhile. The sense of happiness derived from knitting can also be linked to the fact that knitting improves, and boost self-esteem. All these culminate in stronger and more resilient emotional health.

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2. Reduces stress

One of the most negative dangers to emotional well-being is stress. Knitting eliminates this problem because it requires a high level of concentration. When a person is concentrated on knitting it removes every other negative thought or concern that could cause stress. Focusing on the knitting needles and thread helps the mind to keep every feeling of anxiety, fear, or worry far away. Recent research shows what  knitting is effective in calming anxiety and relieving stress.

Emotional Benefits of Knitting

3. Improves sleep

Knitting helps the brain overcome anxiety, worry, and stress which are the major causes of insomnia. When the brain stays focused on knitting, it is easier to feel sleepy and fall asleep. Research has shown that over 90% of people for whom knitting was recommended as a therapy for insomnia reported a massive improvement in their sleep.

4. Fights depression

Knitting has been discovered to fight depression by releasing serotonin which is the body’s natural antidepressant hormone. The positive effects of knitting on the brain makes it one of the most recommended therapy for depression, especially amongst older adults.

5. Promotes Social Health

Another interesting emotional benefits of knitting is that is promotes social health. Social health is all about our relationship with others, and it is very vital to our overall well-being. There are knitting classes that offer an opportunity to interact and socialize with others. Additionally, knitting for charity or knitting items as gifts can improve the relationship you have with others. Giving items you knit can not only boost your social health, but also your emotional well-being.

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Knitting benefits our emotions in several ways. It is a great hobby to pick up especially by older people. In addition to its emotional boost, knitting has proven to be highly beneficial to physical and mental health as well. Knitting has also been found to be very helpful in protecting the brain against cognitive decline in old age, by improving mental agility. The emotional benefits of knitting are numerous, and can be derived if you take time to knit once in a while.


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