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8 Common Health Issues That May Trouble You in Old Age

Our busy lifestyle has made it impossible to take time for our body. This is creating some serious problems in the long run as the age increases. It is advisable by doctors and nutritionists to take special care of your diet and lifestyle.Recent studies and research have shown that being physically active can prevent a number of diseases like diabetes, heart disease. Being physically active can help cure depression and enhances mood.It important that you eat right and exercise well as both are important for a healthy being.Get the right nutrients by following a balanced diet  and stay away from these common health issues that our generation face in longer run:

Common health issues in old age

1. Obesity: The most common issue in US and Canada is being overweight. This increases the rate of hypertension, heart disease, respiratory problems, and cancer.

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2. HIV: This problem has increased in the US due to avoid using prevention. AIDS is also one problem which occurs in age groups between 18-50.Generally, this occurs to most adults above 40 age due to the weak immune system.This also persists in them as adults do no use precautions while intercourse and contract this disease.The common symptoms of HIV/AIDS are weight loss, dementia, fatigue.

3. Pollution Problem: Our environment is deteriorating due to the increased pollution and spreading rapidly affecting our lives.These can cause certain breathing issues, lung and heart disease. It is advisable to stay at that places that are less affected by pollution and a regular morning walk is recommended to breathe fresh air.

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4. Immunity Problems: As the age goes on increasing the immune system starts becoming weak and can cause diseases like influenza and pneumonia. Taking timely influenza vaccination should be promoted to help out seniors from this disease.

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5. Weak Bones: AS age increases the bone density increases and can cause osteoporosis due to breakage of bones. As we don’t pay attention to our diet and don’t get the essential nutrients from the food resulting in vitamin deficiency which becomes a problem at an older age. Nowadays it is advisable to take vitamin D supplements from early 30’s to get strong bones. This is a severe problem in US and Canada as we do not get appropriate sunlight which is the main source of vitamin D and thus have to rely on vitamins and supplements. Also, following regular exercise can keep body fit and bones intact.

Common health issues in old age

6. Heart Problems: One of the serious concerns among seniors is a heart-related disease. Some heart association has given an estimate that as many as 40 million people above the age of 50 suffer from cardiovascular disease. People also complain of chest pain and breathing problems which are early signs of heart disease. The best way to stay away from this problem is to eat healthily and limit your intake of processed foods. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and quit unhealthy practices such as drinking and smoking.Regular workout, yoga or meditation is a good option to keep yourself active.

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7. Tobacco Addiction: Consumption of tobacco is the biggest cause of early death in the US. This is one such disease which is preventable and there are many centers who have come up with campaigns to remove tobacco addiction to save lives of youngsters.

Common health issues in old age

8. Joint Pain: Our bones and joints tend to become weaker in older age and start problems such as joint pain.  We start feeling stiffness and pain in certain parts of the body.The persistence of such problem can lead to arthritis.It is advisable to consult your doctor when the pain starts to prevent arthritis. Maintain a healthy weight and avoid alcohol to get saved from such problems.

Common health issues in old age

As we get older, we need to remain ever more healthier. Knowing this common medical issues that may affect you in old age, helps to find and apply practical ways to avoid them now. Always stay healthy!

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