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Essential Healthy Diet Tips For The Rainy Season

Healthy Diet Tips For The Rainy Season
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The monsoon season or the rainy season is that time of the year when it rains the most. It is also called the wet season because of the abundance of rain. Because of the incessant rain, the weather in this period is usually cold leading to series of flu and cold. This is why during this period immune-boosting diet should be the priority.

It is very important to be mindful concerning what you eat and drink during the rainy season. Below are tips on a healthy diet during the rainy season:

Eat fruits and vegetables

Certain fruits are seasonal, available in abundance during the rainy season. Fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, mango, etc. These fruits offer your body iron and phosphorus, which helps your body stay healthy throughout the rainy season. Some vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin, etc., are also very common and affordable during the monsoon season. They’re rich in vitamin A and very high in antioxidants and many other numerous vitamins that will help to boost your immune system. A great regimen of diet for the rainy season, no doubt!

Drink more water

Drinking a lot of water helps the body to flush out toxins that otherwise accumulate and weakens your immune system making you prone to infections that are very common during the rainy season. So during this period, it is of high importance for your health to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water, at least 6 liters per day. Water also helps to cleanse the organs such as the kidney and the bladder. To make it easier to drink, you can flavor your water with fruits such as lime or lemon. Fruit juice and other high water content liquid are also recommended.

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Keep your food light

Research has shown that the human digestive system is weak during the rainy season. That means it is advised to eat light food that can be easily digested such as rice, vegetables, fruits, etc as against heavier foods. Eating light will benefit the digestive system, as well as your overall health because it will help to curb the chances of you adding weight. Eating healthy diets during the rainy season is a product of the right information backed by the willingness to achieve the desired health benefits.

Incorporate turmeric and garlic into your diet

During the rainy season, a lot of cold-related infections such as common colds, coughs, etc., are rampant. But garlic has been discovered to be very effective against fighting these attendant infections of the rainy season. Therefore including garlic in your diet is to help your body’s immune system fight off these illnesses. Garlic has numerous other health benefits. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic that helps your body fight bacteria. It is therefore very important to include these two natural medicines into your diet plan during the rainy season.

Eat less salt

Salt is the main source of sodium for the body. Although sodium is of great importance to the body too much salt can lead to a lot of health dangers. It can cause the accumulation of water in the body. It can lead to heart-related problems, etc. Opt for alternative natural sources of sodium such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, nuts, yogurts, etc.

Avoid eating street food

During the rainy season the weather is damp, which leads to increase of germs. This germs cause diseases like indigestion, conjunctivitis, typhoid and dengue. If you want to avoid getting this diseases during the monsoon season, you need to avoid eating street food. Most street foods are partially cooked, which promotes bacterial growth. Also most street food vendors keep their food outside, which makes it more exposed to contamination during the rainy season.

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Healthy Diet Tips For The Rainy Season


Bottom Line

The rainy season offers a great opportunity to eat healthily and maintain good health. These healthy diet tips for the rainy season are meant to help you avoid getting diseases that are common during this period. It will also boost your immune system.

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