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4 Symptoms Of Intestinal Parasites And How To Do a Parasite Cleanse.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites
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Often, you might have heard doctors medically diagnosing intestinal parasites, but these things occur more frequently than all of us can think. Did you know that parasites are one of the pertinent reasons for causing numerous illnesses in people around the world? Talk about the United States; you can find varieties of other parasites besides the tapeworm. And by gosh! They’re really terrifying.

In this blog, we have focused on 4 critical symptoms of intestinal parasites and how cleansing can be performed. Not only will this kind of information broaden your knowledge, but it will help you diagnose and treat these parasites, in case visiting the hospital is not feasible.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites

Symptoms Of Intestinal Parasites 

Typically, most parasites enter the human body by consuming water or liquid food that contains some kind of contamination. When traveling abroad, there’s always a high risk of getting yourself exposed to tropical parasites. Based on the parasite’s nature and the kind of body system it breaches, symptoms of infection can be:

Digestive Issues

As part of their nature, parasites tend to deeply-root within the gastrointestinal tract. From there, the immune system gets affected and starts to react abnormally. In the case of a hookworm (parasite), gut symptoms could start with stomach gases, digestive disturbances, constipation, and in worse cases, lead to diarrhea.

Persistent Fatigue and Exhaustion

Your body can have a tough time with parasites wrecking infection inside of you. Most likely, it leads to coping with feelings of exhaustion, brain fog, and fatigue. Once you experience having chronic fatigue, deficiencies of Iron and Vitamin B12 malabsorption start to occur. What’s troubling is, the insufficiency of energy to get up and move your body can cause anxiety and long-term depression.

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Skin Troubles

Your skin is the largest detoxification organ responsible for regulating the overall functionality of your body. Parasites invading your immune system produce allergic reactions that infect the skin. So, the next time you see rashes and eczema having no explanation as to what caused them, know that your skin’s mechanism is actually fighting the parasite’s toxicity. Besides, the other logical explanation behind skin deterioration is Immunoglobulin (IgE) production by the parasites against your immune system’s antibodies.

The Feeling Of Unsatisfied Hunger

Most of the time, people complain out of frustration that they are always hungry even after eating something a while ago. Well, the constant urge of having to eat is also a symptom of parasitic infection. The tapeworm parasite hatches inside the stomach and grows by feeding on whatever you eat. With the parasite stopping the food from giving nourishment, bodily functions start to debilitate.

How To Do A Parasite Cleanse

If you happen to experience any of the symptoms listed above, you can choose to do the treatment all by yourself. Some parasitic infections get overcome by the body’s natural defense system if your immune system is healthy and you consume a well-nutritious diet. For parasites that don’t leave the body independently, you need oral medication as prescribed by the doctor.

For home-based treatment, you need to opt for natural remedies and conventional methods to cleanse your intestinal section.

Home-Based Remedies

US-based natural health practitioners prefer doing a parasitic cleanse every day or two; however, others claim to do it once every year. As per their recommendation, cleansing the body can be done by taking natural supplements including critical elements like:

  • anise
  • barberry
  • black walnut
  • clove oil
  • curled mint
  • goldthread
  • grapefruit seed extract
  • Oregon grape
  • wormwood
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Meanwhile, medicines made from plant extracts are also advised as part of the cleansing treatment. However, there hasn’t been any research done to support the claims. In other cases, health practitioners also recommend homeopathic medicine to get rid of specific parasites.

While selecting the right detox herbs, it’s important to ponder upon the possible side effects first. What you can do is, ask the practitioner prescribing the medicine to list all the possible side-effects and how to cope up with them.

Most natural detox programs last around two weeks, while some take more than a month. It totally depends upon how your practitioner instructs you on taking antiparasitic supplements.

The Dietary Cleansing 

As part of the parasitic cleanse, it’s vital to stick around a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients and keep the sugars and processed foods away. During cleansing, you need to keep the bowel movements at a regular pace for which, consuming fiber-rich foods is essential.

Go for a more rich diet so that it rectifies your immune system and flushes out the parasites from your body. For that, you need to take a healthy dose of probiotics that can aid in protecting the body from other infestations.

Ingredients like garlic, pumpkin seeds, honey, and papaya seeds all come under the category of antiparasitic foods that benefit the diet. While most natural practitioners go to additional lengths by recommending no-grain and gluten-free diets, others advise a strict control on consuming fruits as an attempt to control the sugar intake.


At a certain time, when you feel like none of the symptoms seem to appear, it becomes a must-do thing to ward off other parasitic infections. This is done by avoiding raw meat or food that is undercooked. Moreover, when flying overseas, avoid:

  • Unpurified and un-bottled water.
  • Ice
  • Fruits that don’t require any peeling
  • Taking a bath or swimming in open water.
  • Eatables sold by vendors on the street.
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Natural parasite cleanses can only show results if you’re willing to follow all the protocols that we have mentioned. For probiotics and other natural supplements, you can browse through our catalog at Dr. Clark Store. Besides our range of dietary supplements, we also provide a medical consultation service, where you can discuss your options and decide which one is right for you. Dig up more on parasites before starting a cleansing program. 




Julie Austin, a medical graduate from University of North Carolina, is a New York Times best-selling author of “Health and Supplements”, endorsing the daily use of dietary supplements. She is a devout employee of Dr. Clark Store for a decade, living in California with her family, dog, and two cats.

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