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6 Healthy Things To Do On A Friday Night

Healthy Things to do on a Friday night
Written by Collins Nwokolo

After working from Monday to Friday evening, you deserve some form of relaxation for your week. Your weekend starts from Friday, and that is a good day to relax after the weekday stress.

There are so many things people do on a Friday night. Some make plans with friends to go out partying, while some used the opportunity to binge drink or binge eat, while some go out clubbing regularly on Friday nights. While Friday night is usually synonymous to partying or clubbing, it doesn’t always have to be that way for you. There are some health things you can do on Friday nights.

With the entire weekend ahead of you to unwind, especially if you were incredibly productive during the past five days, Friday night is the perfect time to reward yourself with something special.  If you get enough rest and sleep, you’ll wake up on Saturday morning with renewed energy.

But here some suggestions about what you could do on a Friday night at home instead of going out.

Healthy Things to do on a Friday night

1. Dedicate the night to learning

It’s always good to take in new knowledge, and learn new skills. Most people would usually say they don’t have time to learn new skills. But you should focus on creating time, instead of looking for time. A great period to learn something would be on Friday nights. You can dedicate Friday nights to learning a new language, to taking an online course, learning a new recipe, or mastering a new skill.

2.  Party for one

Two is a crowd! Therefore, you can have a party for one, as this is the right time to throw a party for one or two if you want to include your significant other. So, do what you usually do at a party outside of the confines of home while indoors. Make use of that stereo of yours by playing some mood music, light candles,  have a nice meal delivered from your favorite takeout joint. Celebrate life with a bottle of champagne.

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3. Read a book

Healthy Things to do on a Friday night

You can use the opportunity to get read a book. Instead of looking at the television or binge watching a TV show, reading a book is a much healthier alternative.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and grab a blanket to enjoy the book you’ve wanted to read. If you are not the book type, go for a magazine or browse one of your favorite cookbooks or coffee table books. 

Just ensure that all you are reading are not work-related to avoid thinking of your job.


4. Make up for your lost time on the bed

Smart Bedtime Habits For A Better Night’s Sleep

Friday night is here; you now have the time to catch up on the lost sleeping hours. It is an opportunity for you o hit the bed early if you’ve had a long week. So, being cozy in your bed at 9:30 p.m is not wrong. If you find sleep hard to come by you can download an app to help you sleep.

5. Organize your closet

How to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh

You can crown the productive Friday by cleaning out your closet. Your Friday night could be fun when you go through the crowded drawers in your kitchen or finally declutter your room. You can read about some tips to keep your closet smelling fresh. To not get tired easily, start in a small area and see how much you can accomplish before calling it a night.

6. Phone a friend or loved one

As part of the unwinding process,  you call a friend or relative who lives out of town. You can even make it fun by Skype chat or FaceTime. Dedicating your Friday night to talking to someone you love is much better than spending with so many people you want to party with.

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Bottom Line

You can make your Friday nights wholesome by trying out these healthy things to do on a Friday night. Remember that the goal is for you to have fun, be happy, and practice self-care, while staying healthy.

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