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6 Healthy Ways To Overcome The Barriers Of Physical Activity

Healthy Ways To Overcome The Barriers Of Physical Activity
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Physical activities are voluntary body movements that help to enhance skeletal muscles. Various exercises could help keep you fit, including walking, running, dancing, swimming, etc. Certain things could stand as a barrier when carrying out physical activities.

Some things that could pose threats to you carrying out bodily exercises are tiredness, laziness, tight schedule, etc. However, there are ways to overcome these stumbling blocks. 

Read on to find out the various barriers to physical exercises and how to overcome them.

6 Constraints To Keeping Fit And How To Overcome Them

Healthy Ways To Overcome The Barriers Of Physical Activity

1. Exercises look boring

Sometimes, engaging in bodily exercises could look boring to you, but you could do the following to help you enjoy it.

  • Choosing an activity that you enjoy doing without being stressed could help you overcome boredom during exercises.
  • You could also consider working out with friends. This way, you have more fun while exercising and chatting with your pals.
  • Carrying out different exercises daily is another way to enjoy working out.

2. Tiredness to exercise after work

After the day’s work, carrying out workout activities could be tiring. However, doing the following could help you merge your daily work with your daily workouts.

  • You could consider taking a pair of working out shoes with you so you can exercise in your spare time.
  • Working out briefly in the morning before going to work could help you overcome the issue of the time factor.
  • While at work, you can also take a walk in your walking shoes to grab your lunch during lunch hours.
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3. Laziness to work out

The thought of a morning jog, run, or walk could get you freaked out and tired. We sometimes feel lazy and reluctant to do several things, including physical activities. To overcome this situation, you can try out these thoughts

  • Set goals regarding your exertion that are within your capability. Begin from the most accessible aspect to the more complex ones until you get used to your routines.
  • Make a schedule of your physical training just as you’d do to special appointments. Then, when you have your physical training, put away every other activity to focus on building your muscles and keeping fit. Try to motivate yourself to workout in the morning.
  • Schedule your physical training for the time of the day when you have more energy to do your workouts.

4. Fear of getting injured

When starting your workout sessions, one setback that you could encounter is the fear of getting an injury in the process. To subdue this challenge, these tips could be helpful.

  • Choose activities with reduced risk factors that would limit your chances of getting injured during workouts
  • Consider your age, skill level, and health status while choosing an appropriate exercise.
  • Warming up before exercises and taking a break could help minimize your chances of getting hurt. 

5. Lack of a support system 

Social support can be very helpful to overcoming the barriers to physical fitness. Having a good support system can help you stay motivated to engage in regular physical activities. Here are some tips that could help:

  • Talk to your to friends and family about your plans to engage in more physical activities, and ask them to support your efforts.
  • Ask your friends, kids and family members to exercise with you.
  • Form new friendships with physically active people. Join a gym or group, or choose a fitness partner.
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6. No motivation

Lack of motivation is one of the major reasons why people have trouble with starting their fitness journey. However, here are some quick tips to overcome that barrier:

  • Give yourself reason why you need to stay fit. Remind yourself of those reasons constantly.
  • Write down a plan and be prepared to stick to it. Ensure that physical activity becomes part of your daily or weekly schedule.
  • Get a fitness trainer or join an exercise group or class.
  • Read how to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Bottom Line

To overcome the challenges of physical activities, it’s best to begin from minor exercises to major ones. You don’t necessarily need to visit a gym to work out; your sitting room could be a starting point. These healthy ways to overcome the barriers of physical activity can help you begin a fruitful and fulfilling fitness journey.


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