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10 High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid Or Reduce Intake

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Written by Collins Nwokolo

Dp you know that cholesterol is our silent killer? Do you know which foods it is present and what foods you must avoid or reduce intake to protect your life from the hard bitings of this silent killer?. These foods are some of the Nigerian foods with high cholesterol.

Let me tell you in detail about which foods you should avoid. All these foods are scientifically proven by the American Heart Association to be avoided in order to protect oneself from a high cholesterol level.


1. Butter

Butter is a food that is full of saturated fatty acids and the high intake of butter and foods containing butter can put your heart at risk. The level of the trans fatty acids in the butter are high and high level of Trans fats in the blood makes plaques in the arteries and hampers the flow of blood towards the heart, brain and lower part of the body. In 100 grams of butter the level of trans and saturated fatty acids is 170mg and the normal RDA of cholesterol in 300 mg. If you have taken 170 mg only from one food item in 24 hours, you will also eat other foods in the whole day and those foods will also add cholesterol in the body, and the total cholesterol level will cross300mg and be at risk.


2. Egg yolk

Egg yolk is full of cholesterol. It should be avoided if your cholesterol levels is high because people who already have high cholesterol level post great threat to their cardiac health. One egg yolk contains 180 mg cholesterol in it.

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3. Hamburgers and fast foods

Baked goods contain a high amount of saturated fatty acids in them. It is a fact that saturated fats or solid fats add more taste and pleasure to the foods. The commercial food vendors use solid fats to improve the taste of their food products, and these foods will surely lead to undesirable health effects.

Hamburgers and all other junk foods are rich in saturated fats. The taste and pleasure added by cholesterol make people crazy about junk foods. The people of this decade are more prone to fast foods, and this is the reason the rate of heart disease increases in this decade as compared to any previous study. 28-gram food contains 60 mg cholesterol in it.


4. Shellfish

It is also a rich cholesterol food item. Although there are many health benefits of shellfish for the heart, the high cholesterol level makes it unfit for the heart. Three ounces of this food item contains 61 mg cholesterol.


5. Cheese

Cheese is the richest source of cholesterol. The level of hydrocarbons and transfats is high. It is used in the preparation of many food dishes and makes the food delicious. One ounce of cheese contains the 34 mg cholesterol.


6. Liver

Animal sources are ranked as high cholesterol foods. It is rich in saturated fatty acids, and the accumulation of saturated fats in the body lead worse effects on the heart. One ounces liver contains the 128 mg of the cholesterol.


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7. Fish and fish oils

Fish is also the richest source of cholesterol. Fish oil is also high in saturated fatty acids. Per teaspoon of fish oil contains the 38 mg cholesterol Salmon oil contains 23 mg, Menhaden oil contains 24 mg, and cod liver contains the 27 mg cholesterol.

Fish is actually very healthy food, just make sure you avoid it if your cholesterol level is high.


8. Animal fats and oils

All food oils prepared from animal fat are rich in cholesterol. These maybe hydrogenated food items and oils prepared from animals. One tablespoon of animal fat contains 30 mg cholesterol in it.


9. Processed meat

All meats that are processed and fried contain high cholesterol level. 9 grams of processed meat contains the 10 mg cholesterol in it. Beef sticks contain the 12 mg, blood sausage contains 10 mg, and turkey bacon contains 8 mg cholesterol.


10. Red meat

Red meat is the richest source of saturated fatty acids. Per 30 ounces of red meat contains 10 mg cholesterol in it.


Thanks for reading. You should avoid this list of Nigerian foods with high cholesterol and consider a low cholesterol diet plan in Nigeria.



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