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How To Stop Your Room From Smelling

How To Stop Your Room From Smelling
Written by Collins Nwokolo

An unpleasant smell in your room can cause discomfort and make a living inside awful. No one wants to stay in a room that smells bad, and this can be a big problem when the smell persists no matter the air fresheners you use. In fact, studies show that room with foul odour can affect the quality of health. That’s why you need to know how to stop your room from smelling.

Using air fresheners can only get rid of the bad smells temporarily. Some of these air fresheners contain harmful chemicals, and it is why you should be wary before using one in your room. 

The first step to finding a permanent solution to the nasty smells around your home is not by using air fresheners but by understanding why your room oozes the bad smell. Once you identify where the problem is from, you can get rid of it once and for all. 

Many things contribute to making our rooms smell bad, and some of these arise from our lack of cleanliness and sanitation. For instance, leftover food that has gone bad can cause a bad smell, and others include dirty and unwashed clothes inside the room, the presence of dirt and mold, which causes stagnant air can bring bad smell and finally, damp cushions or mattresses can ooze bad smell. 

How to Stop Your Room From Smelling

We all love to have our rooms smelling nice and to achieve this. We must ensure we don’t leave things that can cause odor in our homes and, in the process, affect air quality and pose potential harmful effects to our health. The following steps will ensure your room will start smelling fresh, pleasant and welcoming, and improve the quality of air. 

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1. Identify the source of the foul smell

Once you perceive a foul smell in your room, please do not use an air freshener as it will block you from finding out the source of the bad smell. It would help if you consciously went through your room to find out where the smell is coming from. The places you can look at include your toilet, kitchen, upholstery, mattresses, cupboards, rugs or carpet, etc. It would be best if you looked out for molds, dirt, dead roaches or rats, and so on. 

2. Open your window

Airs from outside are fresher and healthier than the air inside your room, especially when there is a bad smell. This method often helps to disperse the pollutants causing bad smells and ventilate your room correctly.

3. Dust and mop your room

The next step to ushering a nice and pleasant smell in your room is by dusting and mopping. Particles include dead skin, pollen, pet dander, and insect droppings combined to give bad smells and can only be removed through dusting and mopping. First of all, dust your room thoroughly and then mop to eliminate every trace of particle. 

4. Wash your bedspread and clothes 

Using one particular bedspread for a long time without washing can make it start smelling due to sweat and dirt. You should at least once your bedspread once a week. Also, don’t lump your dirty clothes in your room without washing them, as the bacteria from the sweat on them can cause them to emit an unpleasant smell. You can also dust your wardrobe and wash all your clothes, as it will keep your wardrobe smelling fresh.

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How To Stop Your Room From Smelling

5. Dust and clean your upholstery

Ensure to wash your curtains, dust, or vacuum your furniture to remove dust, dust mites, and other contaminants. In cases of spills on your furniture, use vinegar and water to remove them.

6. Use odor absorber 

Using an odor absorber is more efficient than an air freshener because they trap and absorb lingering odours in your room. Natural odor absorber like baking soda is an excellent example to use. 

7. Try an air purifier

Air purifiers can make your room smell better by trapping and destroying odours and pollutants found around your home. An indoor air purifier will eliminate indoor air pollutants,  and sources of foul smells.

8. Repaint your room

When you have tried everything to make your room smell better and nothing seems to work, repaint your room. A fresh paint on the walls of room will cover the old paint and likely get rid of the bad odours associated with it.

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