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How Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Skin And Complexion

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Increased strength, improved flexibility, posture and balance, better sleep, and most of all, a calm and peaceful mind… there’s no doubt that yoga training in Bali ​can be extremely beneficial for our health and overall well-being. Be it body inversions that regulate the blood flow or breathing exercises that detoxify and purify the skin and poses that improve the digestive system, there are many ways in which yoga does wonders for your body.
But what about its effects on the skin? By combining regular practice of yoga with a healthy diet, lots of water and a good skincare regimen you are assured of a clear, luminous and beautiful complexion.

Ways Yoga Practice Improve Skin And Complexion 

How Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Skin And Complexion

1. Improved blood circulation
Forward bends and Inverted poses increase the blood flow to the head and consequently the nerves underneath your face, bringing that rosy glow, as well as aiding regeneration of skin cells. Asanas such as shoulder stand, fish pose, child pose, plow pose, triangle pose and cobra pose are recommended by Indian yoga schools​ to achieve radiant looking skin.

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2. Increased Oxygen Intake
Some poses, particularly of the heart opening variety such as the triangle pose or the camel pose, are effective in improving one’s complexion as they flood the body with oxygen through opening up of the chest, lungs, and heart. The oxygen-rich blood delivers health-boosting nutrients directly to the surface of the body. Pranayamas (breathing exercises) are also similarly effective in rejuvenating and refreshing one’s appearance.

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How Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Skin And Complexion

3. Body Toning
We work out or enrol for yoga teacher training​ to keep our bodies in shape, so why not do the same for our faces? With age, skin loses elasticity and muscles turn slack, but facial exercises can tone and strengthen the muscles of your neck and face.

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4. Improved Digestion
The digestive tract is where the body absorbs all the nutrients from the foods we consume. An unhealthy digestive system can also be the main cause for dull skin, breakouts and other skin conditions. Keeping the digestive system working efficiently is essential to achieving a clear and vibrant skin tone.
Several twisting poses and binds in yoga practice such as the revolved triangle pose, the Bharadvaja’s twist and the half lord of the fishes are designed to stretch and tone your digestive organs. This will help in keeping everything moving along smoothly through the tract and as a result improve the removal of toxins from one’s gut.


How Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Skin And Complexion

5. Eliminating Toxins
Rashes, pimples, dull looking skin and low energy levels can be the symptoms of toxin build up. Some blood pumping and perspiration can be incredibly helpful in cleansing of the overall system and thus benefit the skin as well. Yoga postures taught in yoga alliance certified teacher training courses​ that have you twisting and turning your body will results in improved blood circulation. Adding an energetic vinyasa flow or a few rounds of surya namaskar (sun salutations) will also raise one’s body temperature and flush all those nasty toxins out with your sweat.

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6. Regulate Hormones
Yoga focuses on maintaining the harmony of our body, mind and environment. It also helps to regulate our hormones, in the absence of which breakouts, acne, as well as issues including weight gain or fatigue may ensue. Certain yoga asanas, such as the cobra pose, rabbit pose and camel pose, are designed to stimulate hormone producing glands and help retain the natural balance.


How Yoga Practice Can Improve Your Skin And Complexion

7. Lowering Stress
Stress can be the cause for quite a few health problems that can also show up as loss of skin elasticity, premature wrinkling, tiredness and breakouts. Practicing restorative yoga helps relax the body and clear the mind. This in turn lowers stress levels and promotes restful sleep.
Practicing some soothing yoga poses right before bedtime will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. While one’s age, lifestyle and environment affects your body and complexion in various ways, there’s a lot you can do to limit their impact. Regular practice of yoga can be an excellent tool
that is capable of relieving symptoms, improve one’s body and in a few cases even improving medical outcomes. It doesn’t matter where you’re doing it —be it at home or at a yoga teacher training program in Bali​ -yoga can help.

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