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The Importance of Exercise in a Student’s Life

Exercise in a Student's Life
Written by Collins Nwokolo

One of the biggest problems in the lifestyle of an average student is the fact that it’s often quite sedentary. After all, you’re supposed to spend the majority of the time either in a lesson (indoors, sitting) or studying (again, most likely indoors sitting). Even during your free time, you’re most likely gaming or socializing that often follows the same or a similar pattern. As a result, you get more stressed out, less confident, less focused and, overall, less healthy. The majority of these problems can be solved with proper exercise, and there are several reasons how and why is this important. This article will help you find out five main important benefits of exercising as a student.

1. It improves your discipline

The first thing you need to understand about regular exercise is the fact that it’s not easy to keep up with it. Well, neither is studying, working, or any other activity that is going to make you successful and accomplished in the future. So, by regularly working out, what you’ll achieve is make yourself more disciplined in the long run. By making yourself get up at 6 AM to go for a run, you’ll condition your body to make these kinds of sacrifices. After you get this done early in the morning, making yourself go to the library later during the day will be a walk in the park.

2. It improves your focus

Exercise in a Student's Life


There are some serious studies that show how exercise may help you become more focused and even have a positive effect on your mental capacities. During exercise, our brain releases chemicals that improve memory, concentration and mental sharpness. Needless to say, all three of these things are great for studying. Other than this, sleep is incredibly important for one’s alertness, and it’s well-known that physical exercise helps improve one’s sleep quality.

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A large number of students complain about their energy level (which is, yet again, the consequence of sedentary lifestyle), which is something that regular exercise can drastically improve. This way, even one’s alertness benefits from regular exercise.

3. It helps with depression and anxiety

When talking about ways in which exercise helps students, the majority of people instantly thinks of physical benefits, when improvements to one’s mental life may be just as relevant. You see, physical exercise helps you feel better about yourself and in general, which is why it is known to help with conditions like depression and anxiety.

Still, relying on physical exercise alone to solve this problem shouldn’t be a standalone solution. You should also talk to a professional and even look for behaviour management courses to enlist on. When combined, these methods should give optimal results, and it’s incredibly important that you properly look out for your mental health.

4. A cleaner lifestyle

One of the problems of a student lifestyle (especially with college students) is the fact that it’s often associated with fun but unhealthy habits. This includes activities like staying up all night, eating cheap, unhealthy foods, a lot of substance abuse, etc. Needless to say, while these activities may seem attractive temporarily, by excessively engaging in them, you risk deteriorating your health and seriously messing up your life. By exercising, you’ll condition yourself to get up early in the morning and go to bed earlier, thus solving the problem of sleep deprivation. Second, in order to get better fitness results, you might become more motivated to drop some bad habits and start eating healthier. Keep in mind that eating healthier may be possible even on a student budget.

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5. A boost to your confidence

Exercise in a Student's Life

Let’s be completely honest and admit that your physical appearance drastically affects the way in which you see yourself. Therefore, by becoming physically fit, you may give yourself a self-confidence boost that your body deserves and needs. Other than this, the very fact that you’ve managed to overcome such a challenge and get in shape will give you the confidence to handle other difficult tasks that lie ahead. Just remember that life is full of such tasks and by handling them one at a time, what you’ll achieve is manage to grow as a person in a simple, reliable and organic manner. Overall, this is a huge plus, regardless of the situation.

Exercising can also help to improve your social health, as you will get to be outdoors and workout with other people.


As you can see, the list of perks and advantages goes on and on and each of the above-listed methods would, on its own, be a reason enough for you to start leading a more active lifestyle. Sure, at the moment, you may be at the peak of your youth and feel completely healthy, even invincible. Still, make no mistake, the consequences of your current lifestyle will catch up sooner or later. This is why you need to start thinking about the future as soon as possible. All in all, exercising as a student will give you numerous benefits both in short- and long-run. A clear and undeniable win-win scenario for both your mind and your body.

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