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Say Goodbye to Diet Culture With My Fit Foods

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When it comes to pursuing your best health and fitness goals in today’s culture, it can seem a little overwhelming. It feels like everywhere you look there are two simultaneous messages being pumped out at people regarding fitness and hustle culture. On the one hand, living in a health-driven culture means that you are constantly being told to eat healthier, workout more, and invest in your health, but that doesn’t always work with a packed schedule.

In fact, hustle culture seems to only make pursuing your health and fitness more complicated. How do you fit everything from exercising regularly, to preparing and eating healthy food all into a week that’s already packed? Between family, work, education, and having a social life, it can be hard to try and figure out how to pursue your best health. 

One of the most unfortunate results of this dichotomy of messaging is the emergence of diet culture. Diet culture is a harmful and potentially toxic philosophy for trying to transform your health and fitness goals. Thankfully, there are tools that can make pursuing your best health easier than you may realize. With My Fit Foods, you have a legitimate, healthy, delicious source of food that can keep you fueled and motivated to pursue your best health. 

Here are all the ways that My Fit Food can help you say goodbye to diet culture, and embrace your health and fitness journey like you never have! 

Competing Philosophies

To understand how My Fit Food can help you get rid of diet culture, you have to understand why diet culture exists and what makes an option like My Fit Food different. Diet culture is a short-term solution to a long-term or chronic challenge. 

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If you want to start transforming your health and improve you’re overall health and fitness then there’s no way around the fact that you’ll have to impact your diet. What you eat and drink plays such an important role in your overall health and wellness. Each day your body requires an incredible amount of energy to function normally. If you have a demanding job or practice moderate to intense exercise routines, then your caloric need just goes up! 

In fact, for millions of people, one of the most frustrating parts of figuring out their health journey is their daily dietary habits. What you eat affects things like your sleep, your metabolism, your clarity, and energy levels. You can’t be expected to pursue good health if you aren’t giving your body the nutritional tools it needs on a daily basis.

The problem in diet culture is that it wants to fix big problems – quickly. This is why diets can be so discouraging and hard to maintain. Food was never supposed to be unpleasant. One of the best parts of life is how delicious, varied, and exciting food is. Diet culture however puts incredible stakes on short-term dietary decisions that are ultimately unstainable. While a diet culture can produce results, there’s no way around the fact that short-term commitments create short-term results. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting off a strict diet just to see all the results of your hard work melt away soon after. 

You Should Love Food

This is why My Fit Foods believes that your relationship with food should be completely positive and not negative. You should love the food that you eat, and it should love you back. Making wise, healthy decisions over a long period of time is how you achieve true health and fitness results. What’s more, is that with easy, delicious recipes, My Fit Food constantly has a meal that will give you the energy you need and make you look forward to it. 

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Designing daily meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, My Fit Foods does more than just create ready-to-eat delicious meals, it helps you create a lifestyle. Being able to use these signature dishes throughout the busies parts of your week means that you don’t have to sacrifice quality food because you don’t have time to cook. 

What’s more, is that there are over 70 incredibly crafted meals, which means you can always keep a great variety in your diet. Use My Fit Foods meals to help explore what kinds of delicious, healthy options are out there. 

With options for a variety of different dietary styles from gluten-free to low sodium, there really is something for everyone with My Fit Food. 


Food should be one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of your health and fitness journey, not something that you dread. If you have been struggling to understand how food can make the most sense in your life, check out My Fit Food and see how this unique service can improve your health and fitness journey. 

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