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6 Signs That You Are Vitamin Deficient and How to Treat it

Written by Collins Nwokolo

To maintain your overall health, you can’t deny the primary importance of vitamins. For obtaining a life with minimum complications, one needs to take proper vitamins. However, it is sad enough to note that many people fail to take the right vitamins on a regular basis due to several reasons. They might not even be getting a basic proper diet, or their bodies might have been struggling to absorb the right vitamins from their food. These are a few of the reasons behind so many people suffering from vitamin deficiency.

Are you wondering about a way in which you can tell that you’re vitamin deficient? Yes, you’re lucky enough to note that several signs can prompt your body to be deficient in vitamins. Do you want to know about these signs? If yes, scroll down.

Vitamin Deficiency – The signs and symptoms

Signs that you are vitamin deficient

There are large numbers of vitamins which our body requires to be able to operate in an efficient way. If the human body falls short of these vitamins, the body will not be able to function properly in a way that it should. In some way or the other, your body will give you signs that you are deficient of the main vitamins. Here are a few symptoms and signs of vitamin deficiency.

Sign 1: Restless Leg Syndrome

Have you heard of the Willis-Ekbom disease? This is the other name given to the restless leg syndrome where you get a constant urge to move your legs, and this is something that is beyond control. You need to understand that there is a direct relationship between the restless leg syndrome and plummeting iron levels although there might be no such definite cause for the condition. It has been studied that whenever your iron levels are low, there are possibilities of suffering from restless leg syndrome. The severity of this syndrome increases when the iron levels fall lower. So, you have to take in iron supplements that you may get from Mr Vitamins bondi junction. Apart from supplements, you can even take foods rich in iron like leafy green veggies, meat and nuts.


Sign 2: Bleeding gums

Do you notice blood coming out from your gums? If you answered yes, you will initially think that it is due to the lack of appropriate dental health. You might have been brushing your teeth with too hard bristles, or you must not have been paying focus on flossing. In the majority of the cases, it is safe enough to assume that this is the main reason behind bleeding gums but did you think that this could also be due to a deficiency in vitamins? If your body lacks Vitamin C, this can happen. Vitamin C helps in curing wounds and prevents further damage to your cells. So, when you lack Vitamin C, the cells are more susceptible to small cuts and wounds.

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Sign 3: Dandruff

Most have started believing that dandruff is a part of life and many others consider this as a genetic thing. Your skin might not just produce the oil which is needed to moisten your scalp. This could also be a sign of vitamin deficiency. If you put in the right vitamins in your system, dandruff can be reduced significantly. You need to keep your skin well moisturized so that your scalp produces enough oil. If your body lacks niacin, zinc, pyridoxine or riboflavin, this can lead to dandruff.


Sign 4: Cracks at the corner of your lips

Cracks typically happen all over your mouth when your skin becomes dry. If you don’t apply moisturizer to your skin, this leads to dry lips. There are few other environmental factors which can lead to dry lips too. Nevertheless, apart from these reasons, you can even suffer from cracked lips due to deficiency in vitamins. Your body must be lacking iron or Vitamin B, and in case you’re not taking proper care of your body, you may even find some ulcers inside your mouth. Choose foods which are high in Vitamin B and iron and use a lip balm to moisturize your lips always.


Sign #5: Brittle nails and hair

Foods that cause Hair Loss

If your body is getting all the vitamins that it needs, your hair and nails should not be brittle. Your body is actually is need of biotin as it can be considered to be a moisturizer for your nails and hair. If you have sufficient amount of biotin inside your system, this will prevent your nails and hair from breaking and splitting respectively. You can get biotin supplements if you’re looking forward to increasing the intake of it. Thus, hair loss is also one of the signs that you are vitamin deficient.

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Sign 6: Difficulty seeing at night

Reasons Why You Can't Sleep at Night

There are times when our body lacks few definite vitamins, and it is then that our vision gets diminished, especially at night. If your body is deficient in Vitamin A, you might develop problems like night blindness which means you’ll find it difficult to see things in low light. In case you don’t cure this condition, you will begin to have bumps in the white portion of your eyes. Hence, a healthy diet is recommended for someone who wants to prevent such issues. A healthy diet is also a great way to improve your eyesight naturally.

The easy availability of vitamins in various forms

There is no denying the fact that vitamins are nowadays readily available in the markets and they are also sold in various formulations so that they can be added in foods like cereals, dairy, baking flour and nutritional shakes. There was a time when we were taught to believe that such vitamin supplements are beneficial for our health, especially for treating diseases like immuno-deficiency diseases.

But did you know that vitamins, if taken in large doses, can become extremely toxic and the same way in which vitamins are used to treat various illnesses, they can even wreak havoc to the health of people if taken in wrong doses. This is called vitamin poisoning. In order to realize how this poisoning occurs, one has to know the following 3 issues: firstly, the reason behind so many people turning into vitamin junkies, secondly, how this compulsive public, who take in so many vitamins, are exploited by the entire industry of vitamins and thirdly, the actual effects of vitamin supplementation.


Is it possible to function your body properly without using vitamin supplements?

In today’s world, it is almost virtually impossible to perform well without the help of nutritional supplements. Supplementation is the only practical way of prepping up for the inadequate nutrients and vitamins that you take. We are most often not given access to nutrient-dense food due to industrial food processing, soil depletion and poor storage conditions. Hence it becomes even more important to supply our body with the right amount of vitamins and miners which are missing in our food intake. By taking antioxidant nutrients, this has shown ways of reducing metabolic stress which is caused by disease or exercise and hence safeguards tissues and cells from causing oxidative damage.

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Vitamins become toxic when they are synthetically produced – Which are poisonous?

There are several pieces of evidence which show that vitamin supplements can get toxic only when they’re synthetically produced. Till now, it has been believed that the fat-soluble vitamins are the ones which can get toxic. These vitamins A, D, E and K are stored within the body, and if you take supplements too, they lead to higher levels of toxins. Hence, it is advised that you should remain cautious about your intake and consult with your health professional before you take in such vitamins.

If you thought vitamin poisoning is a simple issue, you’re wrong! The information that is shared by the manufacturers of vitamins most often hides the truth. People are fooled these days to believe that it is natural to pop in pills which have a greater concentration of vitamins than real foods. But what the public is not made aware of is that the human species are made in such a way that they can naturally get them from the foods that they have.

Toxic side-effects of taking too much of fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin A: Vomiting, abdominal pain, eczema, lethargy, edema, patchy hair loss, anemia, respiratory tract infection and chronic liver issues.

Vitamin K: If you take vitamin K which is synthetically produced, this can lead to chronic liver damage. There are even reports which show a clear link between this and cancer.

Vitamin E: Breathing difficulties, allergic reaction. Tongue swelling, headache, fatigue, blurred vision, nausea, too much of bleeding, heightened hypertension, oxidative stress and decreased the span of life. There are many health risks associated with vitamin E deficiency, you might be interested in knowing.

Vitamin D: Though it is rare to be poisoned by Vitamin D, its toxicity can take place under few conditions like tuberculosis, lymphoma and hyperparathyroidism. However, you need to know that Vitamin D is totally safe when it is produced by the body through sunlight exposure.

Therefore, now that you know how vitamins work and how an overdose of synthetic vitamins can lead to damaged health, stay aware of everything that you eat. Don’t take any supplements without consulting your family healthy physician.


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