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Simple Drills For Boxing Training At Home

Boxing Training At Home
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Don’t let the lockdown put a break to your training. Health and fitness are important, especially during these times. You can continue with boxing drills at home.

Because we are advised to stay home, we have a lot of time. Instead of slouching and regretting that you cannot go to the gym train and continue with your workout at home, you can continue with your boxing training at home with these drills. During these times, health is of utmost importance. Of course, you should relax and have a fun time, but do not forget to workout and keep yourself healthy, not just physically but also mentally. Maintaining a healthy routine, waking up, sleeping, eating, working, and working out on time is important, either you are working or not. 

The good thing about boxing is that you can do the drills and workout at home too. It doesn’t matter if you have boxing gloves, mitts, a heavy bag at home or not. Following, we have collected some of the drills that you can easily do at home. The good thing is that you will maintain physical and mental health and won’t go out of shape. Thus, you can continue further once this lockdown and Coronavirus is over, instead of starting from the beginning. 

Boxing Training At Home

Punching technique

Punching with the right technique is better than just punching hard. If you trained boxing before, you know that it is focused on technique. So you should first focus on getting the right technique. Try different punches and combinations and practice until you perfect it. Start with jabs and hooks, then go on to uppercuts and then do the combinations like 1-2-hook, etc. 

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Having problems perfecting the technique? Get your coach online or watch some videos online. Improve our technique and efficiency and focus on small details. The more you practice the techniques, the better you will become at them. Once you have passed one stage, move on to the next, and keep on progressing. Get a friend or coach to train with if you can or put the gloves on and train on a heavy bag. Check out kids, boxing gloves and more at Elite Sports.


If any of the above-mentioned options aren’t available, continue with shadowboxing. All you will need for this workout is some space to move freely, and you are done. If you have hand wraps and boxing gloves, then put them on; otherwise, you don’t need anything. Practice your punches, combinations, body and head movement, and, most importantly, the footwork. Think of your opponent, and you will feel like fighting a real match. 

Do 3 rounds of 3 minutes with one or half minute rest in between, at least, daily. Start here and slowly increase the time and pace to amp things up. Stand in front of a full-length mirror so that you can look where you can improve. For more guidelines, ask your fitness trainer, watch some videos, or download a mobile app. 



Find some open space to move freely and put the agility ladder there. Don’t worry if you cannot find it or don’t want to go out. Get a duct tape and make one yourself. Don’t know how to train? Watch some videos, consult your trainer, or download some simple. Footwork is very important and a deciding factor in a boxing match. This drill will allow you to move fast and across the ring easily. Avoiding punches and bringing more power to your punches is another benefit of this workout drill. Other than these, you can do exercises like running, squats, and lunges, etc.

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Punching and footwork drills are not enough. Physical conditioning is also important, and you should not ignore that. You can either continue doing the workouts you used to with training or download some mobile apps and follow their guideline. Make sure you focus on every muscle, i.e., full-body workout, diving the workout on alternate days. Pushups, planks, crunches, sit-ups, leg raises, lunges, and glute bridges are a few examples. 

Maintaining a top-notch physical condition is very important for a martial artist, while the above-mentioned drills provide a good workout, but they are not enough. 


It might be hard for one to exercise and do these drills during this time. Just push yourself a little to workout and train. Once you start doing that, you will feel the positivity and healthy change in your life. Remember and make sure to maintain a healthy diet and enough time to rest and recover. Once this is over, you will be in top shape and ready to continue with your boxing training further.

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