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Top 10 Important Healthy Habits to Adopt in Your 30s

Healthy Habits to Adopt in Your 30s
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Your thirties are the perfect time to inculcate healthy habits that will see you succeed all the way into your 60s, 70s, and even further. There are several habits to adopt to set a proper foundation for your future in your prime, from proper finance management to healthy eating habits. Below are some top 10 habits to embrace in your thirties.

1. Healthy Sleeping Patterns

It is of the essence to have consistent sleeping patterns to stay productive throughout the day. In your thirties, you are working towards growing your business empire or climbing the corporate ladder, which implies that you need to be very energetic. Consult with a sleep provider to tackle your sleeping issues such as insomnia or other sleeping disorder that you may have.

2. Master the Art of Cooking

Healthy Habits to Adopt in Your 30s

You certainly do not have the time to eat out often in your thirties as work, business, and family issues keep you occupied. Learning how to prepare great meals from tutorials and cookbooks is a sure way of keeping yourself healthy, using your free time well, and learning and mastering a new skill. Preparing a great meal from appetizer to dessert is a must-know in your 30s.

3. Establish Proper Financial Plans

It is important to visit a finance specialist in your thirties, who can help you lay a stable financial foundation. Having a financial plan is a key determinant of how you make and spend money. Individuals who do not have any financial plans in their thirties end up in very chaotic financial situations in the future.

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4. Taking Good Care of Your Skin

The fact that skin occupies the biggest percentage of your body, it is very important to take good care of it. In this case, it doesn’t mean applying makeup and other chemicals. Instead, it means using healthy products to keep the skin well moisturized. Therefore adopting a skincare routine in your thirties helps you look good and stay healthy.

5. Maintaining Good Mental Health

Proper mental wellness is one of the major aspects you will need to take care of in your thirties. Making frequent visits to your counselor at this age will go a long way in helping you monitor your mental wellness. Having a healthy mental state in your thirties will help shift your focus from irrelevant and depressing issues to more valuable and relevant ideas, hence ensuring future success.

6. Exercising

Regular body exercise in your thirties will help to keep your body healthy and flexible. People who develop an exercise routine at this age have very healthy bodies both externally and internally. From recent statistics, it has been made clear that most lifestyle disorders are caused by a lack of exercise. As a result, there is fat accumulation in the body, leading to high blood pressure, among other problems.

7. Getting Up Early

In your thirties, you want to establish discipline in simple daily habits that will then propel you to have drive in other major aspects such as weight loss and career growth. Getting up early, even on weekends, helps keep you active and in check of an established habit. Studies have proved that early risers are also likely to consume fewer calories and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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8. Surround Yourself with the Right Company

If you want to develop great habits, being in the company of people who practice these habits daily will inspire you to follow suit to possess these qualities as well. If your friends frequently eat junk, it is more than likely that you will adopt such habits as well.

9. Try New Things

Your brain activity and productivity are likely to increase exponentially if you constantly equip yourself with new skills. Whether it is playing an instrument or practicing yoga, learning new things will go a long way in making you a better person overall.

10. Habits that Help You Relax

As earlier mentioned, being in your thirties means that you will constantly be under a lot of pressure; hence developing healthy habits such as reading, taking a walk, or jogging can help relieve stress. Failure to manage your stress can lead to unhealthy habits such as over-feeding and further lead to health issues. You should also look for healthy ways to unwind after work.

Closing Thoughts

Forming productive habits is not a walk in the park. You must be willing to constantly practice good habits in your prime to have the future you desire. Journaling about your day can help you stay on track and keep you motivated.




Tracie Johnson is a New Jersey native and an alum of Penn State University. Tracie is passionate about writing, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle. She feels happiest when around a campfire surrounded by friends, family, and her Dachshund named Rufus. If you are looking for a reliable sleep provider, Tracie recommends Sleep Better Illinois.


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