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3 Trending Diets and Why They Might Not Be Good for You

Trending Diet that may not be good for you
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Everyone who wants to lose weight wants to do it NOW! They may try the latest trending diet plans, but they either don’t lose the weight or gain it right back after working so hard to lose it.

Many of the latest diet plans are limited, like the Keto diet restrictions are limited and therefore, hard to sustain for a lifetime.

What a person needs when they want to lose weight is something that allows them to eat without restrictions, yet helps them lose weight as needed.
Below are 3 of the most popular diets and why they may not be right for you.


3 Trending Diets and Why They Might Not Be for You

Trending Diet that may not be good for you

1. The Keto Diet

This diet isn’t for everyone. This plan focuses on high healthy fats and low carbs with proteins somewhere in the middle. This diet plan is designed to use the body’s glucose supply, which is burning fat.

Limiting or eliminating carbohydrates isn’t for everyone, although it is good for fat loss if you can stick to it. This plan helps with improving your insulin resistance and helps to manage chronic illnesses.

Getting your body into a state of Ketosis is the ideal behind this eating plan. This is where your body will burn fat as fuel instead of sugar. It is hard to sustain for long periods of time.

Good oils like MCT oils (medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids) are allowed and encouraged in moderation. Avocados are a good source of MCT oils.


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2. The Whole 30

This diet plan is designed to reset your health. It is basically eating whole food, nothing processed or packaged, only natural foods for 30 days.

There is no counting, weighing or measuring of foods. If it is plant-based, or lean meats, you can eat it. Many people call the Whole 30 the Paleo diet on steroids. You are taking out all sugars, including honey, soy, and alcohol.

The emphasis of the Whole 30 is on eating eggs, meat, fish, poultry, veggies, nuts, seeds, and few healthy fats and oils. Limiting beans, dairy and grains are a large part of this eating plan.

This plan is great for anyone who can do something for 30 days and wants to reset their health. After the 30 days, it will be easier to stay away from sugar and the processed foods because you have done it for so long.


3. Paleo Diet

This is also known as the “ancestor” diet, as it takes a page from the hunter-gatherer style of eating although no one is expected to actually hunt their food.

The Paleo diet removes anything processed, along with grains, dairy products, flour, and refined sugar. This is a healthy eating plan that is reminiscent of our ancient ancestors who only had what they could hunt or gather, nothing processed.

Individuals that want to change their eating habits for life like this plan. They are allowed natural sugars, which is different from the Whole 30 diet plan.



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