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Does Vaping Help with Anxiety and Panic?

Does Vaping Help with Anxiety and Panic?
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Vaping is the act of inhaling a vapour, which comes from a vape pen or the old e-cigarette. Vaping devices are battery-powered, fitted with cartilages that are filled with dry herbs or liquid mostly comprising of flavourings and chemicals. The liquid inside the cartilage produces vapour after heating it. The user does not come into contact with the cigarette but rather inhales the smoke, thus referring to this process as vaping.

Does Vaping Help with Anxiety and Panic?

In the recent past, anxiety disorders are on the rise as 19% of Americans are affected every year. Some of the cases are severe as it affects mental health. Study shows that smoking cigarettes dramatically contributes to anxiety, and many adolescent smokers suffer future mental and anxiety disorders. Fortunately, research suggests that quitting smoking alongside adequate exercise may help calm the symptoms that many smokers suffer daily.


Smoking and Anxiety

The majority of people often smoke a cigarette to relieve stress and tension, but studies show that it increases the risk of developing anxiety disorders. Quitting smoking is not easy, and a counteractive measure is essential for one to withdraw cigarette use without causing harm. Fortunately, vaping will help you to switch from smoking and relieve from most symptoms of panic and anxiety disorder.

Smoking can cause panic attacks that mimic asthma and heart attack, leading to unnecessary hospitalization. It may cause unrealistic fear and worry, and you can escape this through vaping.

People smoking cigarettes claim to use it to relieve anxiety and panic attacks. However, it only makes things worse, especially when you get addicted to it. It is not easy for a person to quit smoking abruptly, and it may take time for the body to recover from addiction.

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Benefits of Vaping

Switching to e-cigarettes will gradually lessen the intake of addictive substances. Vaping devices are not sophisticated and do not require expertise to use. Whether you are using a vape pen or an electronic cigarette, it serves the same purpose, and the user will receive similar benefits.

The electronic cigarette will save you from harmful and toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke. It has different concentration levels, thus reducing the intake of hazardous substances. Vaping lowers chances of experiencing anxiety disorders associated with withdrawal from smoking. People new to vape can start with high concentration and progress with lower dosages until the urge to smoke disappears.

Furthermore, e-cigs are selling at a fair price than tobacco cigarettes. It is easier to find wax pen for sale compared to other vaping devices. Vape pen help people who switch from smoking to vaping save thousands of dollars in a year, thus reducing money stress, which is the leading cause of anxiety in the US. People living with anxiety disorders associated with addictive substances are likely to quit. Luckily, switching to vaping provides a great relieve from panic, stress, anxiety and other related disorders.


Vaping and Relaxation

Vaping provides a sense of relaxation, as it instills a feeling of tranquillity. Smoking may lead to addiction, leaving the body with a long craving. Vaping helps to satisfy the body, and you will have no urge for other substances.

A vape pen is a vital tool to calm your mind, even when living alongside conditions like depression and panic. It works magic, and it can provide instant relief from mental health conditions like anxiety. It works very fast, and you will start feeling better immediately after using it. There are so many other health facts about vaping that you can learn about.

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Fighting Mental Conditions

Discussion about vaping and its implications on mental health is not a secret. It has grown popularity, and many people are aware of it and its purpose. There are a lot of factors to put into consideration about vaping when it comes to mental health.

Vaping devices have a relaxing nature, thus making it useful in relieving the anxious feeling created when one withdraws from vaping and smoking. Mental health has a connection with a placebo effect, and it gets worse when the affected people lack understanding, feels lonely, or fear the condition. Getting a remedy to make you feel better is quite alleviating.

Vaping helps people to quit smoking, thus reducing mental health issues and other disorders related to smoking. It works like a hug, just the same way a hug will make you feel better when you are upset or down. A human body associates a simple hug with a feeling of affection, love, and care. It is the same feeling that happens with vaping, thus your body associating the process with winding down and being relaxed.



It is quite challenging to understand most of the mental health conditions, such as panic, stress, and anxiety. Finding the cause of anxiety can help you monitor your mental health progress. Vaping will calm you down faster and leave you feeling relaxed.


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