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Why Taking Care of Your Health Should Be a Top Priority

why you should take care of your health
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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So many people have know the reason why their should take care of their health. You are probably aware of it at some level. Health is a top priority for all of us, or at least it should be. But it’s easy to forget it, especially when you’re, well, healthy? No need to fix what isn’t broken? Well, to keep your body (and mind) that way for as long as possible, you need to make a conscious effort every day. Here’s whyyou should take care of your health, with top advice and tricks on how!

Why You Should Take Care of Your Health

why you should take care of your health1. No one Likes to Be Sick

Remember those times when you’re actually in bed, without the energy to move? Prevent this by taking care of yourself, because you know you hate it to be sick, but you just dismiss the thought of it while healthy! Keep yourself healthy for longer. Eat a healthy balanced diet of lean protein, vegetables, whole grain bread, eggs, and dairy. Don’t forget fresh fruit! Make a habit of taking at least one or two portions of fruit a day. If you’re too busy, choose one meal a day that you’ll try to eat better food. Just one meal for starters, and see how much better you feel. That may prompt you to extend the practice to one or two meals more! Build your immune system with foods that boost your immune system and make it your fuel for a body that viruses have no chance against!

2. Healthy People Sleep Like Babies

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Yes, when your body is nurtured, the quality of your sleep is much higher! Of course, sleep is crucial for a good rest. This is kind of a loop, actually: when you’re healthy, you sleep better; and when you sleep better, you’re healthy! If you find that you’re struggling to get a decent amount of sleep every night, please make an effort to improve it. Instead of browsing Netflix when feeling restless, reach for a book – but not the one that will keep you on edge! Have a camomile tea, perhaps? Toss your mobile phone away and in general, try to stay away from screens right before bedtime. If you’re still experiencing sleep troubles, please talk to a general physician.

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3. It Will Make You More Beautiful

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It’s not just about not having the strength or will to do makeup when you’re sick. Even wearing none, when you’re healthy, your skin will glow and radiate, and be more elastic. This is due to increased collagen production. If you want to enhance it, make sure you stay healthy and again, focus on a balanced diet, because true beauty comes from within!


4. You’ll Have More Energy for the Things You Love to Do

When you’re sick, not only do you not feel like doing anything, but you literally don’t have the strength. To avoid that, build up your physical strength because it’s one of the core reasons why you won’t get sick. Find a physical activity you enjoy, and devote it at least 150 minutes a week. That’s less than half an hour a day! If you really feel you cannot commit to a physical activity, try something fun that will get you to move, such as dancing, or something that’s useful as a means of transport: cycling! If you opt for cycling to work, for example, make sure you use proper equipment – we mostly think cycling shoes that will help you not put too big a strain on your body.There are so many health benefits of exercising with a bicycle. Of course, if you’re a seasoned gym goer, good for you! But the bottom line is, whatever activity you choose, if you really do stay active throughout the week, you’ll build not only your muscle but your immune system as well. This is an excellent addition to a balanced diet, so put it to good use!

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5. When Healthy, You’re Less Cranky and Irritable

Why you should take care of your health

This isn’t to say you’re a ray of sunshine all the time when you’re healthy. But being healthy also concerns your mind and soul, and a healthy body is the best place where a stress-less soul can live. Saying “don’t stress” does nothing, though, so what you can do instead is take good care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Choose your battles wisely, and don’t let the small stuff get to you. Count to ten and ask yourself: will it matter in six months, a year, a decade? If the answer is no, don’t sweat it! Take ten minutes to yourself every day, sit in peace and quiet, and breathe. Self-care isn’t just about salt baths – though you can run them every once in a while if that’s your cup of tea! Nurture your mind and stay healthy for longer.


6. Healthy People Are Better People to Others

Why you should take care of your health

Why you should take care of your health

We’re not judging here – just stating the facts. When you take care of yourself, you’re a better partner, friend, and parent. There is such a thing as social health, and you should know how to improve your social health. So make sure you maintain quality relationships with people you care about. This has also been found to be beneficial to overall health, and again we’re witnessing a sort of a loop: nurture your friendships to be healthy, and be healthy so you can enjoy your friendships! We’re busy most of the times but try and fit at least two-three social outings a week into your schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish – a quick meeting with a friend for lunch will work, and so will a joint visit to the gym or a yoga class! As long as you’re there in person and spending time together, be it even half an hour, it counts.

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7. You’ll Save Money

Last, but not least – being sick is costly. Of course, when it happens, you don’t really care as long as you can get your health back, but that’s precisely why you should invest in prevention. It costs way less than healing.

So right after you read this article, decide on what healthy meal you’ll eat today and tomorrow, and then take a walk around the block. We hope we’ve convinced you why you should take care of your health.


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