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3 Easy Workout Routines That Aid In Complete WeighLoss

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 We all know the science of losing weight. Eat less, avoid junk food, drink water, sleep better and the list goes on and on! What we don’t realize is that if we don’t move around, we won’t be burning as much calories as we would want. It is true that you burn calories, even at rest but when it comes to losing weight, it is all about burning more calories and taking in less. So let us look at a few workout routines you can incorporate in your daily life to lose weight and maintain it.


Cardio workout for weight loss

1. Cardio Workouts 
Nothing beats the high you get after a good cardio workout. It increases your heart rate, conditions your muscles and most importantly burns calories, big time. The most fun thing about a cardio workout is that you don’t need to have a gym membership to reap the benefits. Just put on your joggers and you are ready! You
can choose from a variety of activities including a brisk walk, a light jog, and a long run. If this doesn’t appeal to you, hop on the elliptical trainer or a cycle and burn those calories. Basically, a cardio can include any exercise that increases your heart rate. So, if you are not interested in typical cardio exercises, you can join a Zumba class. There is a lot of dancing, sweating and burning of calories! Just what you need, but
make sure you get at least 30 minutes of a cardio
workout, at least 3-5 times a week.

strength training workout for weight loss

2. Strength Training

Whenever we hear the word strength training, we get an image of a highly muscular individual flexing his/ her muscles. And that precise image is enough to get you off strength training. But it doesn’t have to be like this for you! You can choose the weights according to your needs and you can even strength train without using any weights. When it comes to strength training, it is the number of reps, which you do in a set, that matters and not the weight you are holding. Strength training burns calories during the workout and long after the workout has finished. It builds muscles and gives a toned look to your body. You can do it at home or in a gym, wherever you are comfortable.

yoga workout for weight loss

3. Yoga and Pilates 
Believe it or not, yoga and Pilates can help you lose weight. Both of these exercises focus on your core and your core is the powerhouse of your body. Both yoga and Pilates increase flexibility and build lean muscles, without bulking you up. So if you are not into heavy bulking and want a more toned and sleek look, with the added benefit of losing weight, then yoga and Pilates are just what you need. Make sure you have a certified instructor to teach you. To lose weight, you have to strike a balance between your physical activity and your food intake. So get moving and shed those pounds!

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