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6 Advantages of Using A Smartwatch to Exercise

Advantages of Using A Smartwatch to Exercise
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A few years ago, the smart health watch was used mostly by high-performance athletes, but today its use has been democratized and is a necessary piece for physical activity. Almost all aspects of everyday sports can be calculated and analyzed by smartwatches. Smartwatches are getting more and more sophisticated day by day, thus, providing more choices for every user. That is why the smartwatches market is growing from year to year, marked by an increase in global sales, especially in North America, Western Europe, and East Asia. Chinese brands are the most aggressive and they can deliver high technology yet at very affordable prices.

The smart health watch has become an extension of the cell phone that allows you to receive messages, view notifications and have information about the heart rate and other health indicators, which make the smart watch a key tool to monitor the well-being of users. There are so many benefits of wearable health devices, however, this is a guide on the advantages of using a smartwatch for physical activity:

1. Heart rate measurement

Many smartwatches allow you to measure your heart rate to control the intensity of your workouts and give movement guidelines to improve your physical condition. Garmin watches, for example, have optical sensors on the back that monitor heart rate. These sensors use LEDs and photodiodes. On the one hand, the LEDs illuminate the skin to a few millimeters, where the blood is reflected and thus the Garmin watch calculates the speed of blood flow and therefore the heart rate.

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2. Weight control

Some smartwatches are there to support you in achieving results, both reducing weight and improving physical condition. When setting up the watch, it will request data such as height, current weight, among others to measure and customize the training plan according to your needs.

By making use of smartwatches, many people can better control their calorie burn. Thus they can lose weight more optimally. Optimal here does not mean rapid and excessive weight loss, but rather to maintain it will not cause health problems.

3. Helps with personal training

Smartwatches, especially Garmin, are compatible with Garmin Coach training plans, which offers free training plans based on the user’s specific needs. Not only Garmin, some other smartwatches can also perform the same function. 

4. Monitors sleep

Some smartwatches monitor sleep, allowing habits when resting. That implies knowing deep sleep, REM (Rapid Eye Movement), light sleep and insomnia times, to measure the impact of night rest that is key to having good physical and mental health.

5. Analysis of medical data

For data lovers, smart watches have apps equipped with dashboards that have all the necessary real-time information that reflects a person’s lifestyle: heart rate, its average, steps taken during the day, calories burned, active calories (those that are burned in a physical activity) and total calories include active calories and those that are burned with the daily routine: cooking, moving around the house or office, thinking, etc.

6. News and updates in real time

Exercising is to disconnect, but sometimes it is important to know what is happening and access a simple device, simpler than the cell phone. The clock is perfect because you just have to look at it from the corner of your eye, without disconnecting, to know what email arrived or to be up to date on updates on social networks. If you want to disconnect completely, you can disable that feature to just focus on physical activity.

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Now smartwatches are sold at very affordable prices. You can even buy smartwatches for less than $30. There are many wholesale sites that sell a variety of quality smartwatches at affordable prices, one of the most famous is DHgate.


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