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Common Causes of Stress That Can Harm Your Health

Causes of stress that can harm your health
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Even though the ‘mind’ and the ‘body’ are often referred to as two separate entities, it’s important to know that your mental and physical health are closely intertwined. In fact, these should not be thought of as separate, and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, poor physical health can increase the risk of developing mental health problems. On the other hand, a very poor mental health can also negatively impact your physical health, increasing the risk of some conditions. Needless to say, chronic stress can negatively affect both aspects of your health, so keep on reading and learn more about the three major stress factors. Just stay with us and check them out!

Causes of stress that can harm your health

Common Causes of Stress That can Affect Your Health

Stress factor #1: Having difficulties at work

Causes of stress that can harm your health

Millions of people are quite stressed out on a daily basis, which is particularly true for their jobs that put them under a lot of pressure. Being unhappy with your job, working long hours and under dangerous conditions, having too much responsibility, and facing discrimination or harassment at work are just some of the factors that are highly likely to raise your stress levels. Besides that, you should know that chronic stress can be particularly harmful to both your mental and physical health in the long run, which is exactly why you must make some necessary changes and cut it out from your life.

Of course, finding another job is always a good idea, especially when your working environment becomes toxic and difficult to handle. If that’s the case, just start looking for a new job, and you’ll see a huge improvement shortly. However, if that isn’t an option at the moment, you should probably seek professional help and deal with those specific issues that way.

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Stress factor #2: Problematic relationships within the family

Problematic relationships within the family are another stress factor that mustn’t be overlooked, so make sure first to identify the problem before you start working on its solution. Your kids won’t stop screaming, there’s tension due to an increase in financial obligations, you’re about to lose a job, or you need to take care of an elderly family member? Each of these situations can be perceived as more or less stressful, depending on your overall mental and physical well-being, but one thing is certain – life situations like the ones above can have a truly big impact on your life, so do whatever you can to put them under control. For example, a large number of marriages simply fall apart because people are either unwilling or unable to solve their everyday problems that pile up and become seemingly unsolvable. If you’re facing similar problems, too, be sure to talk to your partner in order to find a solution that will work for everyone. A lot of Australians tend to opt for experienced Sydney mediators these days, as these people use their skills to recognize the cause of the underlying conflict and address it successfully. Don’t be afraid to give them a try; you certainly won’t regret it!


Stress factor #3: Moving out of your house

Even though buying a new house and moving out of the one you currently live in is a great thing, it undoubtedly brings a lot of stress and anxiety – especially when you have to move out on short notice. Yes, such a step marks the beginning of your new life, which is really awesome, but you should know that it actually takes a lot of sweat, nerves, money, and even tears. Some people will say that every life change is a disruption that causes uncertainty, which further causes stress and anxiety, and that’s the case with moving out as well. All that paperwork, planning, packing, organizing, and spending loads of money are highly likely to put you under a lot of pressure, so make sure to ask your partner, parents, or friends for help in the first place. The fact is that one person simply can’t handle everything on their own, so don’t forget to include others into the whole process. In fact, each family member should have their own tasks and responsibilities, so that everyone is involved equally. No matter how stressful it may get, you can do it in the right way thanks to the proper organization!

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As you can see, there are a lot of stress factors and situations that can negatively affect both your mental and your physical health, and these three are unquestionably the most common nowadays. So, if you ever find yourself in a stressful situation, all you have to do is to stick to our tips and guidelines. Once that’s done, you’ll see a huge difference!




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