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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Groundnut Paste

Everyone loves delicious creamy food, and one of such foods is groundnut paste. Groundnut paste is also known as peanut butter. In Nigeria is called Ose Oji, Okwo Ose or Okwu Oji. It is not just creamy, delicious and a wonderful dessert, it is a also a very healthy food. In this article you will get to find out the many health benefits of groundnut paste or peanut butter.

Groundnut paste is usually eaten with garden egg, cucumbers and bread. It is made from roasted groundnuts.


Health Benefits Of groundnut paste

Health Benefits Of Groundnut Paste

Like I stated, groundnut paste is a healthy food, highly nutritious and rich in proteins, carbohydrates, monounsaturated fatty acids, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, manganese and vitamin E. Below are dome really great benefits you derive from groundnut paste.

1. Excellent source of vitamins

Groundnut paste is definitely an excellent source of vitamins. It is especially rich in vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A improves your vision, vitamin C boosts your immune system and vitamin E helps in destroying complex fatty acids that might cause arterial blockage.

2. High dietary fiber

Groundnut paste is also rich in dietary fiber. 100g of groundnut paste should contain about 16g of dietary fiber. The body needs this type of dietary fiber to function properly. A good amount of dietary fiber also prevents you from being constipated.

3. Promotes growth

Groundnut paste is very rich in protein. It contains about 30g of protein in 100g of groundnut paste. And as might already know, protein is good for repairing worn out tissues and building of muscles. That’s why they ate great for your kids.

Health Benefits Of groundnut paste
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4. It contains good fat
Groundnut paste contains more unsaturated fat than saturated fat. Unsaturated fat includes polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. These are the good, healthy fat. This means they can lower cholesterol levels.
5. Prevents cancer
Yes! Groundnut paste is a very healthy food. It prevents cancer growth since it contains powerful antioxidants likr folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin.
It was also found to contain contains B-sitosterol, a
phytosterol that prevents cancerous diseases like colon and breast cancer.
Furthermore, groundnuts also contain resveratrol. Resveratrol is a bioactive
compound that is naturally produced by groundnut plant. It has been shown to prevent risk of cardiovascular diseases, and cancers.
6. Rich in Potassium
Groundnut is particularly high in potassium (70
mg/100g). Potassium functions to regulate fluid in the body. Potassium is also  heart-friendly.
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7. Boosts your energy
Groundnut paste also contains a fair amount of carbohydrates and healthy fat. And this makes it a healthy snack for boosting your energy.
8. Healthy for weight loss
Of course, groundnut paste is high in carbohydrates and fat content. However, as I have mentioned, they are also rich in proteins and dietary fiber. This means that consuming them is better than many unhealthy junk foods if you are trying to lose weight. They also help you get rid of food cravings.
9. Rich in Magnesium
There is about 170mg of magnesium in 100 grams of groundnut paste. That is a very decent amount of magnesium. Magnesium has a lot of very good health benefits. Among which it regulates our blood sugar level. Hence making it good for diabetics.
Health Benefits Of groundnut paste
10. Reduce risk of gallstones
Gallstones is a common health problem, caused by hardened deposits found in the fluid. A study found out that consuming groundnut paste will drastically lower the risk of gall stones.
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