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7 Stunning Health Benefits Of Playing Football

Health benefits of playing football
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Football or soccer is the most loved, played, and watched sport on earth. It is an exhilarating sport, which involves players using their legs, head, and torso to dribble, pass a ball, and score goals. It also involves a lot of running, jumping, diving, and kicking.

People of varying ages and skill levels can play soccer.

As you would expect, a sport as physically engaging as football would have lots of health benefits. So today it would be fitting to discuss the health benefits of playing soccer. Let’s begin.


7 Health Benefits of Playing Football

Health benefits of playing football

There are a lot of fascinating health benefits of playing football. Here are a few of them:

1. Burns fat and help you lose weight 

Playing football is a great way to burn fat and lose weight. It is a sport that is associated with endurance and high physical activity. It is a great sport for losing weight fast. And what’s more? If you enjoy the sport, you can fun and still lose weight. Playing 30 minutes of soccer two or three times a week can help you burn calories fast.


2. Builds muscle strength and tone

Your muscle mass will increase greatly from playing. Increased muscle mass will lead to and enhanced muscle strength and tone. Playing soccer challenges almost all your major body muscles. It strengthens the muscles in your lower body when you kick, run, twist, and tackle and your upper body when shielding the ball and sprinting. Additionally, playing soccer also increases muscle mass by using both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers. It is indeed a great sport for your muscles.

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3. Boosts Your Respiratory Capacity

Being a great aerobic sport, soccer can increase your aerobic capacity. Minutes spent sprinting from post to post can enhance a player’s respiratory capacity, hence, leading to improved respiratory health. Studies have shown that playing soccer can improve your lung health.


4. Improves Cardiovascular health

Generally, an exercise that makes your heart rate increase well is good for your cardiovascular health. The same can be said for soccer. It is a sport that involves tireless running, jumping, and walking. All these can increase your heart rate and decrease your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.

Health benefits of playing football

5. Improves your brain and cognitive function

As I said earlier, football is an exhilarating sport. It not only challenges you physically both also mentally. Football players also think a lot, challenging their brains. Calculating the perfect time to go in for a tackle, play a shot, or position themselves. It also improves body coordination and movement range.


6. Increases bone strength

Sports like soccer increase bone strength. It is a great way to maintain overall fitness and good health. Playing soccer will help you avoid osteoporosis and other bone diseases as you age.


7. Improves your mental health

Your mental health also benefits when you play soccer. It helps you develop teamwork, discipline, and team spirit. It is a great way to relax and manage stress effectively. It also improves your mental alertness.

As you can see, soccer can help you in so many beneficial ways. But many people have shied away from playing football because they are afraid of getting injuries. Injuries are part of the sport, so how can you avoid injuries while playing soccer? Although getting injuries is not totally avoidable, you can take some precautions and safety tips for exercise, that will help you avoid injuries.

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How to avoid injuries while playing soccer

• Wear protective and appropriate soccer equipment and wears.

• Stay hydrated as much as possible.

• Warm up your muscles and stretch before starting.

• Make sure there is a referee or someone to punish who is playing roughly.

• Play on a good pitch.


I hope that by now you now know the health benefits of playing football.

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