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6 Simple Health Tips for Healthy Nails

Health tips for healthy nails
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Nails are common features on the human body, but very few people are aware of the enormous health importance of nails. Nails can simply be defined as the keratinous plate covering the tip of fingers and toes. Keratin is a type of protein that forms the cells contained in the tissues that make up the nail. Nail health is directly proportional to the overall health of the body. This is so because the nails being the very tip of the fingers, are the most used part of the body, along with the mouth, which is the gateway into the body. Therefore when germs are trapped within the nails and get introduced to the body, it is putting the overall health of the body at risk.

There are various tips by which we can follow to maintain healthy nails, some of the tips are enumerated below:

1. Always keep the nails short and trimmed

Sickness-causing germs hides out in long nails from where they can get introduced into the body and wreak havoc. Therefore, it is very important to keep the nails short and trimmed to prevent anything from hiding underneath the nails. This is also very important for toenails as well to prevent injury and the trauma that arises from kicking the toenails against a hard substance. The injury that occurs as a result of hitting a long nail against a hard substance can be excruciatingly painful. Keeping your nails clean and trim will also help you avoid nail fungus infection.

2. Do not bite off the nails

It’s a common practice amongst people to bite their nails or chop them off with their teeth. However, this is an unhealthy practice that will damage the nails as well as the cuticle (the soft layer of skin around the nails). To maintain a healthy nail and a healthy body, it’s imperative to keep the teeth away from the nails.

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3. Do not use the nails for any mechanical process

Some people have turned their nails to a small machine with which they turn screws, open cans, loose screws, etc. These are all negative practices that jeopardize the health of the nails. This sort of practice can damage the nails permanently. To maintain a healthy nail, a person must refrain from using it for mechanical purposes and use the appropriate machines designed for such work.

4. Wear slippers in public baths and pools

When using a public bath or pool, there is a high chance of fungus entering the toenails to cause an infection. Therefore it is advised to use slippers or flip flops when using such places, so the toenails are visible and not covered.
Fungus infection in the nails can eat up the skin under the nails, causing a charred or damaged nail.

Health tips for healthy nails

5. Change shoes often

Using the same shoe always is unhealthy for the toenails. This is so because when using a shoe, there is a high probability of sweat secretion inside the shoe. Without enough sunlight or air entering the shoe, it quickly becomes a den for fungus infections to grow.

You should also wear comfortable shoes, not tight fitting shoes, as it might lead to ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenail can cause pain and swelling. They are caused by wearing tight shoes or socks.


6. Maintain a natural nail as much as you can

Most people, especially women, have turned their nails to art exhibitions using various paints and coatings on the nails. Although they’re usually aesthetically pleasing, they have deep-rooted risks for the health of the nails. One study even listed out the cosmetically induced nail disorders. Maintaining a natural nail with, at best, a simple nail polish will be a great way to keep the nails healthy.

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