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The Keto Diet: Pros and Cons

The Keto Diet
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The keto diet is one of the most popular diets out there today, so you have probably heard about it. Many people rave about the diet’s success in helping them shed pounds of body fat in a relatively short period of time. You may be wondering, and if a diet has so many good things said about it, there must be a downside to the diet. While there are some negatives about the diet, they aren’t enough that you shouldn’t consider trying it if you are looking to lose weight.

The diet is restrictive

The diet being restrictive is a pro and a con of this diet. It can be a negative thing if you live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Restricting yourself further from foods that provide the sources of protein for your diet can result in deficiencies. Many vegetarian lifestyles use a combination of foods like grains and starchy vegetables to get the proteins they need.

On the keto diet, you aren’t allowed to eat those types of foods so you’ll have to find a way around it. The positive to the keto diet being restrictive is you are able to drop the weight more quickly if you can stick to the foods recommended and consume under 20 grams of carbs a day.

It can be a great tool for weight loss

If done correctly, Huffington Post explains that the keto diet can be an effective tool for weight loss. It can in the short-term produce very effective results for people that need to lose weight for health issues. Since consuming Keto Meals forces your body to start using fat for fuel instead of carbs, it can tap into the fat stores you already have in your body to burn the fat continuously during the day. Not only are you losing body fat, but you are left feeling like you have more energy than before.

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The ‘keto flu.’

Starting the keto diet can make you feel less than pleasant. It can give some people headaches, dizziness, and lack of motivation. This comes from the body trying to adjust to the new way you are eating. It can be viewed like a detox period, like if you were just trying to wean yourself off of caffeine or sugar. As your body adjusts to your new eating habits, you will go back to feeling normal, and you will even feel better than you did before you started the diet. Another way that can help you coop with keto flu is through supplements, such as having Purefit Keto add-ons. The Purefit Keto Supplements are known to help you reduce symptoms such as keto flu, and help make getting through the keto diet more bearable.

The benefits can go beyond weight loss

Losing weight isn’t the only benefit the keto diet can offer. If you do lose weight and suffer from type 2 diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, it can help reverse the condition. A low carb, high fat diet has also been linked to helping treat some cancers, even though the research is still in its early stages. Medical News Today explains that the keto diet can also improve heart health. The foods recommended on the keto diet can be heart-healthy, such as olive oil, nuts, and fish.

The foods are better for you.

The Keto Diet

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Even if you don’t end up sticking completely to the diet, the foods you will begin to eat are just better for you in general. Fish and nuts have been proven to be great for your heart and protect you from other diseases. The keto diet also encourages you to stay away from processed foods, so in the long run, if you stop eating foods like that, you will have a better quality of living. You may even discover new types of foods that are great nutritionally for you, such as keto diet shakes.

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Every diet has its ups and downs

Any diet you may try will have positives and negatives. The good about the keto diet is it will encourage you to eat healthier overall, even if you don’t exactly stick to it. The diet can be very restrictive, which can be great if you can keep to it and lose the weight you want to. The keto flu is a negative of the diet, but it is only temporary, and many do find after they get through the initial period of feeling bad, that they feel better than they ever have.



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