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How Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

How wine can help you lose weight
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Losing wine and getting fit is never fun. You have to do all these ridiculous things and exercise like crazy, only to end up achy, tired, and unhappy. Soon enough, you give up and end up where you started simply because weight-loss regimes can be more than most people can handle. You don’t have to fail at losing weight any longer, though. Your favourite drink may just be key to helping you reach your weight goals. Wine can indeed help you lose weight, so let’s see how.


How Wine Can Help You Lose Weight

How wine can help you lose weight

1. General benefits of wine

Red wine is generally healthy in low to moderate amounts. It can help you with a lot more than just losing weight. Firstly, red wine can increase your blood flow and thus supply your brain with the oxygen it needs. It’s also good for your heart, as some research has shown that red wine reduces the risk of heart diseases.
The fruity and delicious drink also lowers the risk of strokes and can even prevent early death. This is because small amounts of red wine contribute to retaining good cholesterol HDL – in the blood. Finally, red wine can reduce the risk of some serious cancers, including colon and ovary cancer.

2. Are there nutrients in wine?

As a matter of fact, there are. Wine is full of polyphenols which help your body get rid of the white fat that it doesn’t need. As well as that, it supports body composition due to the same nutrients. One of those polyphenols is called piceatannol.

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It discourages the formation of baby fat cells, thus effectively helping you lose weight. The ellagic acid found in wine helps you burn fat in the liver, and compounds such as anthocyanins inhibit body fat formation. Thus, we can see that red wine can help you lose weight in a very healthy way. You’ll be losing all the fat and none of the muscle.

3. Wine & hormones

As well as other things, wine also affects your hormone levels. A glass of wine can be enough to increase the levels of adiponectin and free testosterone. Adiponectin helps you burn fat while free testosterone is great for building muscle. Wine can also decrease estrogen levels, which is good because estrogen usually makes you retain fat.

As well as decreasing levels of estrogen, wine also decreases levels of another hormone- globulin (SHBG). High levels of this hormone are bad because they prevent free testosterone from acting on receptors. On the whole, all of these effects on your hormones improve your metabolism and create an anabolic environment. In other words, the formula helps you lose weight better than anything else.

4. Is there research?

As a matter of fact, yes. This isn’t just something people tell themselves to avoid doing other work. Research conducted at Washington State University and Harvard Medical School claimed that a polyphenol called ‘resveratrol’ is responsible for helping you lose weight. The same polyphenol is present in wine.

Be it American, French, Spanish, or Australian wines that you’re after- the research is all the same. A quality glass or two will help kick start your weight loss just because of resveratrol. It turns white fat into obesity-fighting beige fat, which is much easier to lose. This study was conducted on mice, but later, another study was conducted on women and showed promising results. Namely, those who were drinking wine had a 70% reduced risk of developing obesity.

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5. How much is too much?

Though the science behind how wine helps you lose weight is clear, it’s still not clear how much you should be drinking to have the desired results. We all know that alcohol has a lot of negative effects on our body and mind, which is why you have to be extremely careful if you’re using this method to lose some weight.

When it comes to drinking wine for weight loss, there’s a very thin line between helpful and harmful. Just like any other alcohol, too much can lead to premature ageing and deteriorating the body. For optimal results, you should only have one glass occasionally. So, this isn’t a drinking permit, and it’s a boost to an already developed weight loss regime and exercise. Wine in itself won’t help you simply because it’s not magic, but it will do wonders for you if you combine it with the right exercise routine.

How wine can help you lose weight


As you can see, wine can be used for more than just unwinding after a long day and socializing with friends. Moderate amounts may be just what you need to lose some excess weight and feel better about your body than you have in ages. Your dreams may seem unreachable at the moment, but with a little dedication and an unconventional method, they’ll be closer than they appear. We’re confident that your favourite drink will help you lose that weight sooner or later.

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