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8 Effective Tips to Help Improve Eyesight During Pregnancy

Tips to Improve Your Eyesight During Pregnancy
Written by Collins Nwokolo

During Pregnancy body shows various changes and brings some common symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue, lower back pain, swollen feet, etc. which most women are aware of. However, you can also be surprised by the blurred vision during pregnancy. An increase in hormones, during pregnancy, can affect your eyesight. Mostly, vision changes are temporary and retain to normal once the baby is born. Eyes might become dry or more irritated, which indicates a health problem.

If you face any major issues that indicate a serious problem during pregnancy, immediate doctor’s consultation is recommended, for mom and baby’s health. Mothers who are expecting should be aware of vision changes and blurred vision during pregnancy. To maintain eye health and to keep your eyes healthy, little precaution and care is a must.


When does blurred vision occur during pregnancy?

There is no specific stage defined, during which vision changes occur. It depends on person to person, as it is caused by fluctuating levels of hormones and blood pressure in the body. Every woman has different levels of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many expecting mothers face changes in eyesight even after post-pregnancy.

You must be well aware of the causes of blurred vision, during pregnancy, so that they can be treated on time.

Scroll down, to have a look at some reasons for blurred vision during pregnancy

Some women experience a decrease in tears, resulting in a dry eye during pregnancy. The condition smoothens itself after the delivery. Dry eye leads to irritation and dryness, which causes discomfort in the eye and wearing contact lenses, becomes the most irritating task.


1. Blurred vision or distorted vision

Pregnancy hormones are the major cause of blurred vision, as they tend to fluctuate. They cause fluid retention, which thickens the cornea and changes its shape. It increases the fluid pressure within the eyeball, which results in distorted or blurred vision during pregnancy.

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2. Preeclampsia 

A small amount of expecting mothers suffers from Preeclampsia. Changes in the vision during pregnancy indicate Preeclampsia.

Apart from blurred vision, it’s marked by temporary loss of vision, light sensitivity, auras and flashing lights. It even causes high blood pressure and damage to another organ.

3. Diabetes

High blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly to prevent distorted vision during pregnancy. It can damage the retina and can cause variations in the cornea. Diabetes can severely affect pregnant women while causing blurred vision. Advice from an eye care expert is recommended if the condition seems to decline.

4. Eye pressure

Hormones can swell up your eyes, which changes the curvature of your eye, affecting your vision during pregnancy. Thickness in the cornea of eyes makes it difficult for you to wear contact lenses, as it will cause discomfort and irritation.

5. Lowered immunity

Lower immunity power during pregnancy can lead to various eye infections like conjunctivitis or pink eye.

6. Progesterone levels 

An increase in progesterone levels during pregnancy can soften tissues of cornea, leading to blurry or double vision.

7. Coloured eyelids

A change in the hue around your eyelids is noticed during pregnancy. It can even be responsible for some vision changes. The pigments known as melasma are normally noticed when a woman expects. It will fade away slowly after the baby is born.


How to improve eyesight during pregnancy?

Tips to Improve Your Eyesight During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women face hazy vision. We have listed a number of ways, to help you cope up with blurred vision during pregnancy.

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Artificial tears

Usage of pregnancy safe eye drops, which is often known as artificial tears helps you in keeping your eyes wet. They lessen the discomfort and ease the dryness in the eyes. They are safe and affordable. Consult your eye care specialist before using it, to ensure its ingredients, and they will suit you or not. There is no scope for risk.

Avoid contact lenses

Switching to glasses from contacts, during pregnancy is advised by most eye specialists. Contacts might cause irritation during pregnancy as hormones can lead to a change in the shape of the cornea. If you can’t quit completely, you can wear it for shorter durations to prevent your eyes from getting dry.

Allow eyes to rest

Allow your eyes to take some rest at short intervals. Don’t give much strain to your eyes while reading or doing something in dim light while you are pregnant.

Wait till delivery

LASIK surgery treatment, with the latest technology, is the best alternative when you have blurry vision, or you experience changes in your sight. But it is advised not to go for LASIK surgery before conception, during pregnancy and even after 6 months of delivery, as it will lead to overcorrection. If your vision doesn’t get back to normal even after 6 months of delivery, LASIK eye surgery is the best option for you to get a sharp vision.

Eye exercises

Exercise is always good. Consulting an ophthalmologist is recommended for effective eye exercises. The digital screen should be avoided during pregnancy to the maximum limit as it may give strain to your eyes. Don’t allow your eyes to get tired and take a sufficient amount of sleep for a healthy vision.

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Pay attention to diet

Healthy eating and drinking habits make your pregnancy journey easy. Take a sufficient amount of water and stick to a moderate diet, low in sodium and caffeine for a healthy wellbeing.

Go for regular eye care

Regular eye care is necessary when you are pregnant. Your vision needs your attention when you are pregnant.  If you suffer from any eye conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure or diabetes, tell your eye doctor about your pregnancy, for taking prevention measures. Your eye doctor may monitor the changes in your vision while saving your sight during your journey towards motherhood.

Consult a doctor immediately in case of Preeclampsia or diabetes

If you suffer from Preeclampsia or High sugar levels during pregnancy, immediate doctor consultation is recommended. Preeclampsia can progress rapidly and cause bleeding, leading to major health concerns. If you have diabetes, ensure your blood sugar levels don’t get too high during pregnancy.

As the baby is born, the body tends to heal after a few weeks and so does vision. If you notice a change in your vision, flashes, dimming vision, spots or floaters that don’t go away and persists for a longer duration, make sure to consult an eye care specialist.

Post-delivery, you can also go for LASIK surgery treatment, with the latest technology, for a sharp vision and say goodbye to lenses and glasses forever. You can also learn how to improve your eyesight naturally.


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