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Making Fitness your Drug of choice

Making Fitness your Drug of choice
Written by Collins Nwokolo

I used to be a fitness junkie back in my younger days, and although I’d still love to be there always seems to someone shouting ‘mom’ from 3 rooms away needing, for the most part, something non-essential. Queue the rolling eyes.

Kids, for some reason, are blind and deaf when it comes to chores and cleaning their rooms, and then they wonder why they can’t find their blue sock that they ‘need’ which they wore last week and ‘swear’ they threw it in the laundry. Am I right, parents?

Nevertheless, as we settle into our new lives and new house, we have recently moved countries, and in the process of building our house, I will be getting back on the 9-5 fitness express. Those mom jeans aren’t going to wear themselves. Ha.

Making Fitness your Drug of choice

Being fit shouldn’t be a chore if done right, and by doing things you enjoy, it becomes your lifestyle. Have a look at these fitness photography images for inspiration to get you off the couch and become that younger self you once enjoyed and knew.

An hour or so a couple of times in the week and your mood will never be down, exercise can be so invigorating, especially when it’s a particularly intense class and you leave dripping in sweat, but with a smile on your face.

Making Fitness your Drug of choice
How to start your fitness?

This is the first question that everyone who is unfit asks. Where to begin? Do you start outdoors, or join a gym? Would a class be more social and get you into the swing of things? There are lots of options to consider, and we will look at some of them later in the article.

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Besides going out and buying all the cute leggings and sports bras you can fit into, there are basics to cover at the start of your journey.

Yes, the shopping part is fun, and if it gets you going, then for sure go out and buy a few outfits for training.

Comfortable shoes should be one of those purchases you look into spending a bit more on as you will be in them all the time, and they will be taking the load of the work being done.

You can read other people’s success stories and get professional help and advice from nutritionists and gym users which might make the process easier, why not check out at health fitness drug for a side not using medicinal products to be healthy and fit. This could be a good place to start if this is your debut into fitness.

When you begin to make sure that you have made the mental commitment to change your lifestyle and eating habits, not having your mind right at the get-go will soon lead to falling off the track and going back to your old ways.

Write down some goals you would like to achieve, short-term and long-term, intermittent stages you can strive to and tick them off as you go. And as you successfully achieve them, the more boxes ticked off, the higher your motivation will be to get to the next one, and before you know it, your slim and trim.

Then, if you aren’t comfortable yet of going to a gym or class, do some moves at home. Crank up the volume on the stereo, and do a little bit of something. Start small so that you can still walk the next day, and I speak from experience here, aching muscles isn’t fun. A couple of sets of say 3 or 4 exercises and you should be good. Do this for 2weeks, then add a bit more.

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Try not to focus on losing weight, and rather in keeping in touch with eating healthier, the weight will go when the eating is sorted.


3 Benefits of changing your life to a healthier one

There are so many advantages of making a lifestyle change to that of a healthier one, watch this short video, and hear some other reasons. Besides, it has colors and animations for added entertainment and makes it more fun to comprehend.

  • Mood. This is one of the main things I noticed a change in when I was fitter, and I can understand why now. I wasn’t sluggish, and I didn’t have to stress about which clothes would fit when we went out, and I felt happy in my skin. This effects those around us, so we need to be mindful.


  • Illness. Having a nutritious eating plan in place ensures we get all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to combat any diseases and sickness. We will have our immune system in tip-top shape and not have to worry about the common flu.


  • Energy. We’ve all had that feeling after a big Sunday lunch and the need for a lie-down or nap, and this comes from not eating the right foods. You need products that won’t lift you up and then drop you down again, making you want to sleep. With the correct foods, you can go for a nice long walk after lunch instead.

How to start eating healthier?

Many people think that eating healthy involves dry chicken and a plate of trees; this couldn’t be further from the truth.
A great way to change the menu in the house without having to go through too much effort is what I like to see as ‘eat the rainbow.’ Add a variety of colors to your plate. This way, you can see all the different foods available and get you to try new things.

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To learn more about what I mean, visit this article on healthy habits for an in-depth look at the choices you can change without getting discouraged. Eating well can be fun. You can involve the kids in meal prep, and with a hands-on approach, they too will make better eating choices, it’s a win-win.

When you put quality ingredients into your body, this reflects on the outside, and with all those compliments you’ll be getting, you won’t want to stop. Yay.

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