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5 Exercises to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

Exercises to Stay Healthy While Pregnant
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Exercise is a great way to stay healthy while pregnant. It has been proven that exercise can help reduce stress, but it also helps you sleep better, get rid of aches and pains. It also helps you have a more effortless laboring experience. Besides, exercising during pregnancy provides your baby with many health benefits, including being stronger upon delivery. Pregnancy exercises should be safe for both mommy and baby because they will need each other to create a strong bond even before the birthday comes.

While exercising is highly recommended for pregnant women, many of them don’t know how to start. It can be difficult during pregnancy because a woman’s body changes so much, and there are some things that she should or shouldn’t do while working out. Here are five exercises that every new mother-to-be should focus on:

1. Swimming

One of the most relaxing workout activities is swimming, as it combines cardiovascular training with muscle toning. This activity also helps prevent varicose veins from developing by relieving pressure on your legs, improving blood flow, and reducing swelling due to water buoyancy.

It is a fantastic way to stay healthy and active during pregnancy. But don’t jump right into the pool. Your doctor must say it’s okay first, as swimming can be dangerous in certain conditions like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. The best time to swim is late morning so that you won’t get out of breath quickly. Plus, it will be nice and sunny outside, which makes recovery even better than before! If possible, try doing light exercises like kicking with your legs while lying on an inflatable raft.

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2. Walking

Another excellent exercise option for pregnant women is walking, which doesn’t need jumping, sudden movements, or intense physical effort. It can be done on flat ground or on a treadmill, and it’s great for strengthening the muscles in your legs while also improving aerobic endurance.

Start with walking at least 30 minutes per day. Take it slow at first—don’t overdo it! Gradually increase how long you walk each time so you won’t get too tired out quickly. You should be able to breathe easily still when talking while walking, which means no panting allowed! Don’t forget about taking breaks as needed either—sit down and relax for a minute if you feel too tired to keep going.

It’s also good practice taking shorter walks throughout the day, such as getting up from your desk or strolling around the office every hour. This gives those sore feet a break while still keeping blood flow going strong! Plus, it only takes about ten minutes per walk – easy enough for anyone to do.

Exercises to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

3. Yoga

While yoga helps improve stamina, strength, and flexibility. Some poses should be avoided during pregnancy, like shoulder stands. This could increase blood pressure if done incorrectly. Instead of depending heavily on balancing yourself into these complex positions that require more balance than usual, you can focus on simple stretches to help with muscle tension.

Many poses will help you stretch out your muscles, which is very important in later months when they feel tight and tired (especially with backaches!). If possible, try doing a few of these yoga poses at home: Cat-Cow pose; Downward Facing Dog; Triangle Pose; Tree Pose; Cobra Pose; Child’s pose.

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4. Strength Training

This type of workout is safe during all stages of pregnancy as long as proper technique is used. However, avoid exercises that involve lying down while holding weights overhead (like an armbar). Why? Because this could restrict breathing due to weight placement across the lungs. There are many other health benefits of strength training.

5. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape while pregnant. It provides some cardiovascular exercise and toning of the muscles and joints around your hips and thighs. Dance for 30 minutes daily or at least five days per week. If you have not been dancing before during pregnancy, be sure to talk with your doctor first about which dance styles are safe. Also, it helps improve coordination, endurance, and aerobic capacity while also strengthening the muscles in your legs.


Final Thoughts

While the idea of doing strenuous workouts while pregnant might not sound appealing, it’s a great way to make sure you stay healthy. And if there is one thing that every woman wants when she gets pregnant, it’s a happy and healthy baby. Before jumping into your workout routine, a critical rule—if you have been sedentary until this point in your pregnancy, stop exercising immediately and contact your healthcare provider or midwife. You can always resume physical activities after having checked with them first.


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McKenzie Jones is your typical Midwestern gal. When she is not writing or reading, she can be found training for her next half-marathon, baking something sweet, playing her guitar, or cuddled up with her golden retriever, Cooper. She loves watching football, fall weather, and long road trips. For expecting mothers it is important you are staying healthy for your little one and also feeling comfortable, using the best high waisted leggings for your body will allow you to complete a workout comfortably.

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