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How Physical Therapy Helps with Hip Pain

How Physical Therapy Helps with Hip Pain
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It is common for elderly adults to experience injury to the hips. When these hip injuries inevitably happen, doctors will often recommend physical therapy services. A common misconception in the physical therapy community is that the recovery treatment focuses solely on improving the injured area. Still, there is a lot more than physical therapists have to offer when it comes to recovery from injury.


Injury prevention 

If you are already experiencing hip pain, there is a likely chance that your hip could get injured in the future, and it is common for people to quit doing physical therapy after their pain has passed or their injury is healed. Unfortunately, that is not how the process works. 

If the therapist works directly on your hip pain, he will then work on strengthening the joint and surrounding tendons, so after your pain has passed, you have to continue to visit the therapist. Otherwise, you will end up in the same position you started in, if not worse, because your hip was already injured.

If you do end up staying until the physical therapist releases you for good, it should help with injury prevention in the future. 


Strengthening surrounding muscles

Instead of just working on the inflamed or swollen area, physical therapists will often attack the surrounding muscles in your hip to take the pressure directly off the joint and the tendons. This way, you can rely more on the surrounding musicals to take the impact of your hip joint instead of just the hip. 

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How Physical Therapy Helps with Hip Pain

We are improving mobility

As the therapist strengthens the muscles and tendons in the hip area, it will increase the mobility in the hip area, so making sure you continue to go back isn’t just something that you have to do; it is something that you want to do.

 If you have problems with your hip on one side of your body, and the physical therapist helps to improve the one side, and you feel good as new, but the hip that you guys fixed up is more mobile than the other, you may have to go back to make sure you are symmetrical. 


Visiting a physical therapist’s office for pain management is something that gets overlooked by the shadow of injury recovery. Instead of waiting for an injury to occur, you can go directly to the physical therapists to reap the several benefits that they have to offer. Plus, visiting before the pain occurs can help prevent the pain from occurring in the future. 



You can schedule a physical therapy to get help with your hip pain and prevent any future damage to your joints. As you get older, more damage will occur to your body; it is just natural. But, there are steps that you can take to prevent and make the pain manageable for day-to-day activities.

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