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5 Reasons Why LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

Reasons Why LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life
Written by Collins Nwokolo

For individuals who have been wearing glasses or contact lenses for a significant period of time, it can be challenging to imagine life without these optical helpers.

However, there is always another option, and recent developments in technology have brought LASIK eye surgery to the market. Perhaps you have friends or family members who have had the procedure; alternatively, you may have heard of it, but aren’t exactly sure about what it does.

Just as with all types of surgeries, the effects of a LASIK procedure may vary; however, the overall result from years of experience points to the fact that LASIK can transform the lives of those who choose to have it.

If you are curious about the procedure, read on for five reasons why LASIK eye surgery can change your life for the better.

5 Reasons Why LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

Reasons Why LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

1. More Convenient

Visualize yourself waking up one morning and not having to search around for your glasses or contacts because you already have clear and crisp vision from the moment your eyes open.

You can hop out of bed immediately and be ready to seize the day; no longer will your first thoughts and sight be covered in haze.

Undoubtedly, one of the most compelling reasons to get kansas city LASIK surgery is because it is just so much more convenient than always having to worry about finding or forgetting your eyeglasses or putting on your contact lenses.

Gone are the days when you are stressing out while on vacation because you didn’t pack enough contacts and you can’t find your chosen brand.

No longer will the glare on your glasses affect your ability to read or drive and you won’t have to choose between glasses and sunglasses. You will no longer run the risk of lenses breaking in your eye just before an important meeting. In other words, waking up each morning with crystal clear vision is just the beginning of this new convenient life for you with LASIK.

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2. More Economical

At this point, you may be ruling out getting LASIK because you think it is too expensive. However, while there is undoubtedly a significant one-time fee, it is actually more economical than continuing with contact lenses and glasses.

Keep in mind that, on average, people spend around US $450 a year on their contact lens expenditures (lenses plus solution) and an additional US $100 to $300 on a new pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses.

Therefore, when you look at the price tag on LASIK and start to think that opting to have the procedure is a bad financial choice, you have to compare it to what you are already spending on your vision.

Overall, you will find that LASIK surgery can actually save you a significant amount of money. For most people, the LASIK procedure pays for itself after 15 years (or less) of not buying contact lenses or eyeglasses.


3. More Enjoyable

Even the most dedicated glasses-cleaner knows that after the first day of owning your glasses, the lenses will never truly be unclouded again.

No matter what you do, your glasses are going to be touched by pollution, dirt, pollen, steam, make-up, smoke, fibers, and rain. They can easily become smudged, knocked, and scratched. Generally, because these imperfections build up over time, it is hard for wearers to notice it happening – until you start seeing without them.

There is no denying that the combination of wearing dirty glasses and gradually worsening eyes (due to age) can affect the way you see the world – turning it into a duller and sadder place.

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But with a little assistance from LASIK eye surgery, you can turn back the clock and return to seeing the world through youthful eyes. Immediately, you will notice faces and objects looking sharper and, overall, your time in the world, will become a much more appealing and enjoyable experience.

4. More Activity

Take a minute to think about the last time you traveled, went to a workout, or did anything without wearing some form of visual equipment? If you are like most people, then it has been a very long time. So long, in fact, that you may not always think about how it is hindering your activity because you have become so used to it being this way.

With LASIK, athletic activities such as biking, running, hiking, swimming, skiing, and contact sports suddenly become a lot easier and more enjoyable without the need for corrective lenses.

It is transformative not to have to agonize over whether you are going to break your glasses while running, about a contact lens falling out during a tennis match, or a little speck of sand getting stuck under your contacts while on vacation at the beach. Making sure that you can live an active life with one less stress is at the core of LASIK eye surgery!


5. More Confidence

Talking about the benefits of LASIK would not be complete without discussing the fact that many people observe that they have far more self-confidence after having LASIK surgery. Of course, there are lots of people who enjoy making a fashion statement with their glasses; however, for plenty of others, it is a fragile point of insecurity.

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Your eyes are among the defining features on your face and bringing them out from behind glasses can completely change your look (in a positive way). It will also give you a confidence boost since you will be freely showing off your natural features and authentic self.

If you are ready to stop worrying about coordinating your glasses with your outfit, stop avoiding photos because of the potential glare, and stop hiding behind your glasses and be you, then LASIK is undoubtedly the answer. LASIK eye surgery can help in the treatment of astigmatism.

Reasons Why LASIK Eye Surgery Can Change Your Life

What Are You Waiting For?

If these life enhancements sound like something you want to bring into your life (who doesn’t want more convenience, more savings, more enjoyable experiences, and more confidence?), then LASIK surgery is what you are looking for to make those changes happen.

If you are interested in learning more about LASIK surgery, then look to schedule a LASIK eye surgery consultation today.

Have you ever considered LASIK surgery? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts and any experiences you have in the comments below!


Joel Hunter, MD, is an Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgeon, and the Founder of Hunter Vision in Orlando, Florida. A recognized and respected specialist in vision correction who has performed thousands of refractive surgeries, Joel gives lectures across the country and trains fellow doctors in the newest LASIK surgery techniques.

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  • You made a good point when you said that getting LASIK eye surgery will save you money since you wouldn’t have to buy contact lenses or eyeglasses anymore. You only have to pay a significant one-time fee to improve your vision. I have had a bad vision since I was in grade school, so I’m interested in getting LASIK eyes surgery soon. Thanks for this.

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