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Tips For Promoting Your Baby’s Immune System

Tips For Promoting Your Baby’s Immune System
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Your baby is going to face a lot of pollution, germs and other impurities during his or her life. That’s why it’s important to do your part to strengthen and promote the health of Baby’s immune system as early as possible. Fortunately, we live in a time where health information is readily available, so it’s easier than it used to be to make wise decisions for you and your baby’s health. Here are a few simple ways to promote your baby’s immune system so he or she can live a healthy, happy life.

Knowing How the Immune System Works

The immune system in the human body is pretty remarkable. It helps protect you from the harmful effects of germs and other unwanted substances. The immune system is made up of different organs, tissues and cells that work cooperatively to fight off foreign invaders in the body.

The immune system generally becomes more effective at fighting off invaders when it’s already encountered them before. It recognizes repeat invaders and can often fight them off more quickly after the first encounter. This isn’t always the case, as certain factors can inhibit the immune system from doing its job properly. A few things known to weaken the immune system include:

  • A poor diet
  • Lack of adequate sleep
  • Excessive stress
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Certain medications (such as corticosteroids)
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Babies are also more susceptible to a variety of illnesses because their immune systems are so new and don’t yet know how to deal with common foreign invaders. That’s why it’s so important to boost their little immune systems whenever possible. Giving your baby Wellements organic baby immune support is one way to do this. There are many other ways to strengthen childhood immunity, as well.

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Tips For Promoting Your Baby’s Immune System

Ways to Boost Immune System

If you’re wondering how to boost your child’s immunity, you should do many of the same things you’d do to boost your own. Suggestions include:

  • Get adequate sleep (it may seem impossible to regulate how much your baby sleeps, but if you keep regular nap times, your baby’s body will get used to falling asleep at those times).
  • Eat a healthy diet. Once your little one is old enough to eat solids, provide plenty of vegetables and fruits. These foods are full of nutrients that can help build up your child’s immune system.
  • Get out in the sun! Sunlight helps boost vitamin D production in the body. Vitamin D is one of the immune system’s most important supporters. Sunlight has also been shown to activate immune cells. Just 10-20 minutes in the sun each day can help strengthen Baby’s immune system. 
  • Don’t smoke around Baby.
  • Breastfeed your baby when possible.
  • Keep your hands clean and free from germs before holding your baby.

It’s also important to supplement your child’s diet if he or she doesn’t like the taste of vegetables or isn’t able to breastfeed early in life. Wellements multivitamin drops are safe for tiny bodies and may promote healthy growth and development. These drops provide vitamins and minerals in levels that are safe for infants as young as 2 months old. Give them a try and boost your baby’s health.


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