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Top 5 Healthy Diets Of 2018

Top 5 diets of 2018
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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Quit eating “just anything.” Do you know that the kind of food and drink you take have 75% control over your health? Each kind of food perform different functions and once taken, you have no control over what they do to your body system even with drugs. Therefore you should know what they do and what you want them to do before deciding on what should pass into your mouth.

Once your decision has been made on what kind of growth your body needs, then comes a food draft, or let me say a diet. There are over 50 kinds of diets according to the World Health Organization, and these diets are used for unrelated health purposes. Let me tell you what diets are.


What is a diet?

A diet is a map or plan designed from a draft for a specific health purpose. This map or plan is a fixed table that contains the type of food and drink (meal) that an individual must take daily. As I have mentioned earlier, diets are for varieties of health purpose such as; increase in weight, decrease in weight, and some diets are designed towards some specific lifestyles. There are two main types of diets namely; Balanced and non-balanced. The balanced ones are those which provides all the required nutrients needed for the body, while the non-balanced does not. Luckily, all the kinds listed below are under the balanced category, so feel free to choose the one suitable for your health/lifestyle. Read on, please.


How to choose the right diet and stick to it

You are what you eat, not the drugs you take. Choosing the wrong food routine will yield a wrong health result. Let’s take for an example this; I want to add some kilos to my body, my food routine must be designed towards that achievement, and it will be quiet different for someone who wants to do away with the extra kilos. How then can you choose the right diet for yourself?

  • For what purpose: Before deciding on a food table, be able to answer the question; what do I need a diet for? For weight loss or gain? For energy? For a lifestyle? Never copy a food routine, it may take your body in a wrong direction.
  • Health condition: Remember the saying; know yourself. Some few years ago, oil, salad, bagels, lemon juice, and plain pasta was evil for a person who wants to lose weight, and every year new researches keep popping into the headlines, restricting weight loss seekers to zero diets. Now, it is not by staying away from food that means diet. You must know your health, do you have obese or you are a victim of any other sickness? Have that in mind when deciding on a food routine.
  • Talk to your doctor: Let your doctor know your decision, show your food table with him/her for approval. By this, a confirmation is made about the result of the food table.
  • Finance: Will you be able to stick to the plan for the period? If not, then think twice else you may end up at the “eating anything “ zone
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Top 5 Diets Of 2018

Top 5 diets of 2018

Top 5 diets of 2018

Having known how to choose the right diet, let me give you a list of the top 5 diets of 2018, everyone can choose from. Read on.

  • Vegetarian diet
  • Atkins diet
  • Ketogenic Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Zone diet.

Below is a detail explanation of each of the top 5 diets of 2018:

1. Vegetarian diet

Can you afford to stay off meat? The vegetarian food plan is the best for anyone who can. People who follow this plan will get these as a result; low bodyweight, disease-free, increase in strength, increase in lifespan. On this plan, your food timetable only consists of vegetables and no meat except; honey, egg, and dairies. Although this plan is subdivided into; Lacto-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, living food diet vegetarian, fruitarian vegetarian, and some others, but the most widely accepted is Lacto-ovo vegetarian. Most vegetarian plant what they eat, believing that vegetables bought are chemically treated. This makes it easy and less a money consuming plan as your food is planted by you. A balanced vegetarian diet will keep you healthy and happy.

2. Atkins diet

Atkins diet emerged immediately renowned researchers discovered a high insulin level is a common factor of weight. Majorly, an increase in insulin is caused by a large intake of refined carbohydrate; this carbohydrate is then stored as energy to be used by the body, leaving the fat store in your system. Atkins plan is for those who want to know how to lose weight. The individual takes fat than carbohydrate, by this fat will be stored as energy and used by the body instead of being stored as extra kilos.

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3. Ketogenic diet

Top 5 diets of 2018

This in some way is similar to Atkins though ketogenic gives a broader result. Some of its results are; treatment for epilepsy, weight loss, metabolic health, etc. The idea is to add in a large amount food like; oily fish, coconut, olive oil, Brazil nut, avocados, and other fast food and bring to zero carbohydrates. This will trigger the body to use up stored fat as energy and ketosis which affect diabetes 1 patient is produced in the process.

4. Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet originates mostly practiced in Greece, Crete, and some other countries around the Mediterranean sea, even Portugal which is not. Widely studied, Mediterranean diet improves health quality and reduces sickness. It is the taking of beans, nut, olive oil, and dessert as the main source of fat, taking of cheese and yogurt as dairies and also fish and four eggs weekly.

5. Zone diet

For healthy living and strength, the zone diet is widely practiced. It is a routine meal where each meal contains 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 30% fat. Anyone can adopt the zone diet, but recent research found out it tends to act as a weight loss diet. So if you have the question how to lose weight in mind, zone diet may be just your answer.


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