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What Are The Health Benefits Of Coca-Cola

Health Benefits Of Coca-Cola
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Man of today lives entirely differently, from how our grandfathers and great-grandfathers lived. The rhythm of life is growing. We rush to school, groups, and clubs and our parents are constantly busy. There is not always enough time to cook healthy homemade food. Therefore, the food consumed by people also changes. Fast food (chips, crackers, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) is more and more often used, and all this washes down, of course, with soda. Therefore, the popularity of carbonated drinks has increased dramatically. Many people drink them daily, hoping to get a boost of energy. No prize for guessing that all-time favorite drink of children, the rising generation, and many adults. You guessed right it is Coca-Cola. But, what are the health benefits of Coca Cola?

Recently, resulting from the development of genetic engineering, the widespread use of condoms, dyes and artificial flavors, many parents began to think about the benefits or harms of a particular product for their children. The light tastes, the colorful packaging and the advertising campaign of these products, in turn, attract children. Therefore, a situation arises when children do not accept the arguments of parents who refuse to buy them, since this is destructive to health, considering the prohibition of parents as excessive severity. Coca-Cola has always been at war with the public health community. The health community doesn’t believe that there are health benefits of drinking Coca Cola and it is to blame for the increase in obesity in the population .


Story behind Coca-Cola

May 8, 1886, is the day of Coca-Cola invention. The pharmacist John Steve Pemberton was the one who invented the drink. His accountant Frank Robinson came up with the name, let alone the drink’s logo written in beautiful curly letters.

The main ingredients of Coca-Cola were as follows: coca leaves – a plant containing a narcotic substance (cocaine) and tropical cola tree nuts. They pioneered the use of the drink as a cure for any disorders of the nervous system and began to be for sale through a machine in the largest pharmacy of the Jacob city in Atlanta. It is worth noting that cocaine was not a prohibited substance then, and they knew nothing about its hurtful to health. Thus, cocaine was at free access, and they often put it for joy and tonus to drinks instead of alcohol – Coca-Cola was not first. At first, nine people only bought the bottle daily. First-year sales revenue was only $ 50.
Interestingly, they spent $ 70 on Coca-Cola production, which means that the drink did not bring any profit during the first year. However, systematically Coca-Cola gained popularity, let alone gains from its sales. In 1902, with a turnover of 120 000 dollars, Coca-Cola has become the most favorite drink in the United States.

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However, in the late 1890s, public views pushed back against cocaine, and in 1903, a crushing article appeared in the New York Tribune, stating that it was Coca-Cola that was to blame for the Negroes from the city slums who began to attack white people. After that, not fresh coca leaves were in Coca-Cola, but already “squeezed,” cocaine was no longer in them. Ever since, Coca-Cola rose to popularity quickly and, 50 years after its discovery, grew for the Americans into something like a national character.

In 1982, the production of low-calorie, sugar-free diet cola developed.

Coca-Cola is a global brand, perhaps the number one carbonated drink across the globe. For more than one century, Coca-Cola has retained its leadership among bestselling beverages, despite a considerable number of challenges in this field.

We all know the unique taste of this drink, which has fallen in love with many consumers around the world. However, experts note its apparent harm to the human body and warn us that it can cause many diseases. Quite a lot of discussions between scientists and about the beneficial properties of soda, so that this delicacy among specialists has not opponents only.

The benefits and harmful effects of Coca-Cola are due to the additives used to make the mixture. First of all, it is redolent of caffeine. So what to expect from the use of cola, how dangerous is it, and does it have any benefit for a person?


Health Benefits of Coca-Cola

Health Benefits Of Coca-Cola

Health Benefits Of Coca-Cola

They are many harmful effects of chronic  consumption of soft drink, but they’re also some benefits too. Here are the benefits of Coca-Cola.

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1. It increases body tone

You have probably noticed how, after drinking a small portion of cola, the attention focusing increases, vigor, and good mood overtake you. It is due to the presence in the mixture of caffeine, which is also in coffee, tea, Guarani and many other products. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the brain and muscles, strengthens memory, increases efficiency and helps to cope with severe mental stress. As part of cola, caffeine is contained in a concentrated form, helping to deal with severe mood and depression. It is worth noting that the positive effect of this drink is short.


2. Sometimes doctors recommend Coca-Cola as a cleansing agent.

Amazing right? However, few people think about how often we drink “harmless” water with sediment, forming a scum in pots and kettles. Perhaps, to some extent, doctors are right that this drink in moderation can clean our natural “pipes” and “reservoirs” without harm to health. Surely, everyone has heard that cola can also be used to wash heavily soiled clothes, clean glass of road dust and remove corrosion from a car battery. In some states of America, even the traffic police have a couple of halons of drink in the cabin of a patrol vehicle to clear the road from blood after an accident.


3. Aids digestion

Medical researcher have discovered that Coca-Cola is one of the most effective treatments for gastric phytobezoar. It is a condition in which the patient experiences difficulty of moving food through their digestive tract and suffers stomach blockages.

Coca Cola are highly acidic and can act like gastric acid, thereby relieving you of severe abdominal pain, break down the blockages and get food moving through the digestive system again. This is just among the health benefits of Coca-Cola for stomach upset.

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4. Gives you energy quickly

If ever you run out of energy and need a quick blast of sugar to get you the energy you need to perform a task.

Of course, they are many other better ways to get energy. However, drinking Coca-Cola can give you energy and quickly too.


5. Stop nausea

Although there is no solid medical research to prove it, a lot of people have claimed that drinking Coca Cola helps in relieving an upset stomach and removing nausea.


Health Benefits Of Coca-Cola

Bottom line

Although Coca-Cola has a number of health benefits, it is an addictive drink. Like most caffeinated drinks, Coca-Cola has a similar effect on the pleasure centres in the brain, like heroin.

Coca-Cola is also still a fizzy drink, packed with a large amount of sugar. Too much consumption of Coca-Cola that will have a corrosive effect on your teeth. So you need to drink it less.


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