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Using VR Games to Stay Healthy

VR to stay healthy
Written by Collins Nwokolo

VR games are an amazing breakthrough in the world of gaming. For players, it has become a dream come true. VR gaming requires players to use specialized gadgets to experience games as if they are performing in a realistic environment. You can play the game as a medieval knight engaged in a battle, a boxer battling his way to glory against an AI opponent or lightsaber Jedi, who has to slice some boxes following beats of music. You can find some really cool moves and exercises on different sports and fitness channels using Cox cable TV and learn some amazing moves for fitness. 

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can get any of the most amazing VR Gear, including Oculus Quest, Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive Cosmos, Oculus Rift S, and many other gears and make your gaming experience more awesome. Let’s take a moment and imagine using VR games for keeping yourself healthy, fit, and in shape. The most amazing thing about VR gaming is that you get ample opportunities to break a sweat and use different movements, including ducking and dodging, and defending yourself against upcoming enemies and hurdles. You can have a look at a few games that can help you stay fit: 

Sword Master

This is an adrenaline-pumping first-person combat game where you have to act as swordsperson where you can compete in the middle of a storm of enemy troops and equip them with a sword and a shield to defend and make their way through the game. You, as a player, have to hack and slash your way through different enemies. To get through the game by using your combat gear to slash your enemies and use your shield to block them out. This way, you will get to work your upper body, do squats, lunges, and dodge upcoming enemy strikes. You can play the game using HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

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This is one of the perfect games if you are looking forward to breaking a sweat and stay fit using the HTC Vive. The game is going to get you through different maneuvers, including a lot of dodging and ducking and all kinds of defensive maneuvers. The game is benefiting people if you want to introduce wireless adapters. You can start off with the game and see yourself sweating in no time. The game also gets you a better opportunity to get entertained and workout at the same time. 

Hot Squat

The game requires players to perform squats and gets them a challenging environment in which they have to prove that they are better than other competitors. You can compete with your friends and players from around the world and get a higher score. The game is capable of delivering you a maximum heart rate and get you unlimited challenges. 

Racket Fury 

The game gives you a proper way to workout and improves your table tennis gaming skills. You can practice and compete in one of the tournament cups, which starts with a robot plate which will be competing against you as your opponent. Once you start winning the game, there will be an increased difficulty level and tougher players. The game can help you with some extreme upper body workout and cardio.

The Thrill Of The Fight

VR gaming has its beauty of getting you to face a real-time environment with a real-time experience of facing a champion where you can face your adversary and fight your fears out. This game gets you in the boxing ring where you take punches and get the thrill of facing a champion and dancing with the devil until you sweat like anything or unless your arms get extremely tired. 

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Sprint Vector

This is one of the racing games that is going to pump up your adrenaline. It relies on a unique locomotion technique of swinging your arms to make your way through an obstacle course. You can find a stylized art aesthetic that makes things look more like a game show or an extreme sports event and an obstacle course that looks more like the Sonic. The game is also a unique combination of some really active exercises and different movements that make you get through the different games. 


The game gets people one of the most competitive environments and allows you to perform some amazing and productive moves like a professional. You can perform some intense gestures that are very beneficial for your upper body. You are required to hit your enemies with balls of energy and use walls and different angles to survive and pass across shields. You will be able to block projectiles, dodge attacks, and throw your ball. This will make up for your cardio and upper body exercises. 

The idea about having some extra weight at the end of your arms requires you to pull up on your joints and tendons when you stop your punch and put strains on your tendons, your arms, and the shoulders. To make the most of your gaming and working out sequences, you can always use ankle weights that can get you more power and more resistance. 

Final Thoughts

These games can become your way to get an excellent workout if you want to have some competitive and fit even if you don’t have an open space to exercise or a gym in your nearby location. During this current situation where many gyms and fitness dojos are not such reliable places to get your fitness routine in line, you can have these games and play them to get on with your workout routine. 

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