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Why You Should Use A Bidet in Your Toilet

Why You Should A Bidet in Your Toilet
Written by Collins Nwokolo

If you’ve traveled the world at any point in time, you might have encountered a peculiar little addition in certain bathrooms. This eighteenth-century bathroom fixture originated in France. For some reason, it didn’t immediately catch on. Some deemed it too posh for the average joe. That was before people started seeing the many benefits bidets provide. Nowadays they present a regular addition to any bathroom in middle-eastern countries, and western countries are starting to catch on. They seem to be a mystery, so what is it that makes them so appealing all of a sudden? Are bidets better for you? Are bidets good for the environment? Yes, they are, and this article will help you find out why you should use bidets in your toilet.

What is a bidet? 

Why You Should A Bidet in Your Toilet

A bidet a washbasin, that is usually in the toilet. It is used to wash up and clean your genitals and anal area after using the toilet.

Why You Should Use A Bidet In Your Toilet

Bidets are now becoming increasingly popular among the populace.

1. No more plumbing problems

Toilet paper has long been a staple of the western bathroom. Unfortunately, it also comes with a hefty price. The number one reason for bathroom and sewage pipe problems is the buildup of toilet paper. Everyone has this experience once in a while. Calling the plumber is an expensive but necessary cost of using toilet paper.

This is where the bidet comes in. Hardly any toilet paper is used, and never more than one square. If you get yourself an air-dry model, absolutely no paper is used, and you can rest assured that your pipes will be safe. It’s a one-time investment that will make your plumbing bills almost nonexistent.


Why You Should A Bidet in Your Toilet

2. Spare sensitive parts of your skin

What better place to focus on skin care than your most sensitive areas. Wiping is more or less inevitable if you don’t have a bidet unless you want to hop in the shower twice a day. Showering too often isn’t very good for your skin, however. Toilet paper can also be quite abrasive. If you suffer from any kind of skin condition down there, it’s bad news for you. Ailments like hemorrhoids can be exacerbated by wiping, which can lead to tearing and even bleeding.

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Cleaning yourself with a bit of pressurized water sounds like a more pleasant experience. One of the key advantages of having this bathroom fixture is making sure hemorrhoids are kept under control. Water temperature control allows you to soothe skin ailments like psoriasis and hemorrhoids.
Toilet paper is rougher than water, even though we find it soft. Most types of toilet paper consist of perfume and chemicals, and that can lead to skin irritations and allergies. There is very little evidence to associate bidet use to haemorrhoids and urogenital infections.

Bidets are beneficial for people suffering from hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, anal fissure, and similar conditions – it is less painful and more comfortable than using the toilet paper. Today you can choose a bidet seat to suit all your needs.


3. An eco-friendly alternative

Wiping does more than just damage to your pipes; the damage is two-fold when it comes to the environment. Not only does repeated flushing use tons of water, but think of all the trees that are chopped down to make hundreds of millions of rolls people use around the world. The numbers are astonishing. More than fifty million trees are felled just for this simple bathroom cleaning tool. The paper then finds its way back into rivers and seas with much less favorable effects. Bidet more environmentally friendly.

If you want to keep those trees, getting a bidet is probably a better alternative. All they use is a minute amount of water and no paper at all in most cases. Perhaps this is why people are flocking towards companies like Bidets Online to get their eco-friendly bathroom fixtures. It might not seem like it has a lot of impacts, but every little bit of help counts when nature is on the line.

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It is a well-known fact that toilets aren’t the most environmentally friendly things. The damage toilet paper and flushing can’t be denied. So, we cut trees to make toilet paper, and toilet paper ruins our health, and that is a vicious circle. Therefore, toilet paper is a big waste of trees. Millions of trees need to die for something that doesn’t even do its job properly.

Also, water is wasted from repeatedly flushing toilet paper. But if we use bidet instead, that preserves water resources. The washing process doesn’t use a lot of it; it’s actually saving water by not having to shower every other minute. Having a bidet with adjustable settings means that you can decide how much water is used depending on what you use it for.

Why You Should A Bidet in Your Toilet

4. Keep infections at bay

When using toilet paper to wipe, you’ll often find that it doesn’t do the job completely. There’s always a leftover residue, which is going to spell trouble for your skin. Staying unclean coupled with the abrasive effect of wiping is a recipe for infections. It’s not the most pleasant area to get a skin infection. With bidets, you’ll find that neither of these things happens, which is why they are recommended if you’re prone to infections.

Another unpleasant infection that can take over your privates is a fungal infection. These can manifest themselves due to overuse of antibiotics, or they can be spread from person to person. These fungi feed off of sweat and dried skin, which is why washing these things off is one way to suppress the infection. The good news is that you won’t have to shower every two hours, the bidet can come in handy if you need a quick rinse.

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Can a bidet be used as a toilet?

No, a bidet isn’t a toilet, and can’t be used as a toilet. The primary use of a bidet is to help you wash and clean up after you use your toilet, so it is not an actual toilet.


Is bidet safe during pregnancy?

Bidets are completely safe for pregnant women. A recent medical study, conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr. Keiko Asakura from the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo surveyed about 1,300 women who gave birth between 2006 and 2010. They were asked about their past bidet use. 63 percent of the women reported using a bidet shortly before and during pregnancy. They found out that the use of bidet during pregnancy poses no clinical health risk.

In fact, a bidet can be very helpful during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The functions of the bidets are to provide soothing, cleaning, encourages better healing pregnant women.



In conclusion, these old-timey fixtures are nothing to scoff at. In addition to the many benefits they provide for the health and the environment, they are also pretty easy to use. It’s not exactly rocket science. For some reason, they are still rejected in many places, perhaps because their benefits aren’t well known. If you enjoy having a simple to use way to clean yourself while also making sure the environment stays intact, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get yourself a bidet.



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