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Top 8 Yoga Exercises For Stretching Your Body

Written by Collins Nwokolo

We’ve provided the top 8 yoga exercises for stretching your body if you are planning to learn how to start yoga at home. So let’s get down to business. Are you ready? Read on!

Yoga positively influences your life.

For those of us who are not morning people, leaving our warm comfy beds usually takes longer than it needs to be. Hence, we often find ourselves rushing to work, yet our bodies and minds are not fully awake. Now, that is a recipe for an unproductive day. Don’t you agree?

Doing yoga exercises to stretch your body helps to wake your body and energize it for the day ahead, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.


Benefits of Yoga

What is yoga good for you ask?

  •       Increases body flexibility.
  •       Strengthens muscles.
  •       It helps in weight loss.
  •       Strengthens the body protecting it from injuries.
  •       Promotes better respiration.
  •       Warms and energizes the body.
  •       It improves spine mobility.
  •       It improves healthy digestion.
  •       It helps in managing stress levels in the body.

What is Power Yoga

Power yoga is an athletic form of Ashtanga. It is characterized by loud music, lots of movements, and a hot gym. It is highly recommended for those looking to lose weight. When combined with the best keto supplements, it works wonders.

How to Start Yoga at Home

You need to be in the right mind frame to perform yoga exercises so that you can enjoy it more and make sure it does not feel like a chore.

  1.       First, create a room either in your bedroom or living room.
  2.       Secondly, buy a yoga mat. It’s no fun stretching on a hard floor. Right?
  3.     Thirdly set the right mood. Maintain a clean environment to calm your mind. Place    different kinds of art around the room to maintain peace of mind and also listen to soft music or some nature sounds.
  4.    Finally, select the various poses you are going to practice at home. 
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8 Yoga Exercises For Stretching Your Body

1. Tree Position

Remember not to perform this tree position if you’re feeling dizzy or lightheaded.

The tree position has been credited with improving physical balance.


  1.   Stand in the mountain pose, place your arms on your sides, shift your weight to your right foot, and keep it straight.
  2.   Lift your left foot and bend your left leg. Rest your left foot above your right knee.
  3.   Focus your vision on one stationary point. Breathe in and extend your arms towards the sky.
  4.   Hold the pose for a minute and exhale. Repeat with the other side.


2. Knee Tuck

Knee tucks will get you stretching your body and burning off extra calories.


  1.   Sit on your yoga mat, place both hands on the mat fingers pointing forward, lean back, and extend your legs forward. Make sure your feet are off the ground.
  2.   Bend your legs and bring them towards your chest, ensuring your legs hover above the ground.
  3.   Hold this position for two seconds then stretch your leg.
  4.   Do this 15 times.


3. Cat-Cow Pose

Cat Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose warms your body as well as increasing your spines flexibility.


  1.   On your yoga mat, settle on your hands and knees and make sure your back assumes the Tabletop position.
  2.   Inhale deeply, arch your back, and look up towards the ceiling. You’re now in the cow pose.
  3.   Exhale, push your stomach towards your spine, arch your back towards the ceiling. You’re now in the cat pose, which looks like a cat stretching.
  4.   Alternate between these two poses and repeating your movements 5 to 20 times.
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4. Seated Twist

The seated twist is very relaxing and energizing as it ensures the movement of your spine.


  1.   On your mat, sit upright and cross your legs.
  2.   Place your right hand on your left knee and turn as if you are looking behind. As you do this, inhale deeply and exhale.
  3.   Inhale as you revert to your normal position and exhale as you move your body to the other side.
  4.   Repeat.


5. Side Plank

Side plank helps in improving core strength.

The side plank pose enhances focus and concentration.


  1.   Assume plank pose position, with your feet firmly pressed together, shift your weight to your right arm, and place your left leg on top of your right leg.
  2.   Ensure your body is straight, stretch your left hand towards the heavens, and hold for 10 seconds.
  3.   Resume the plank position and repeat with the other side.


6. Seated Circles

The seated circle is a warm-up pose that promotes energy build up in the body.


  1.   Sit upright, cross your legs, and bend forward with your arms stretched before your body.
  2.   Press your left ribs on your left hip, and in a circular motion, move to your right side and press your right ribs on your right hip.
  3.   Repeat this for a minute, then switch sides.


7. Side Stretch

The side stretch pose is another pose credited with improving physical balance and posture.


  1.   Stand in the mountain pose, with your left leg step back about 3 – 4 feet.
  2.   Behind your back, hold your opposite elbows and inhale.
  3.   Exhale as you bend towards your mat, and keep your spine straight.
  4.   Hold your position for 10-20 seconds, set your torso upright, and repeat with the other side.
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8. Head to Knee

Head to the knee, a relaxing way to reduce anxiety symptoms.

The head to knee pose is good for those who run as it helps to stretch the hamstring.


  1.   Sit upright on your mat and stretch your legs forward, bend your right leg, and let your right sole rest above your left knee.
  2.   Inhale the turn your upper body towards the left side, then lean forward and ensure your spine remains straight.
  3.   Hold your left foot and maintain this position for 10-20 seconds.
  4.   Exhale, set your torso upright, and repeat with the other side.


The positive impact yoga exercises have on your professional life, private life, physical, and mental health have been tested and proven. Different gurus across generations have developed these exercises for us. Now, all we have to do is practice and wait patiently for the benefits.

Have you been practicing yoga in the morning? How does it feel to start your day focused and energized? Leave us a comment below and share it with the rest of our community.

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LaBonte is a yoga instructor and physiotherapist specializing in working with the elderly in his community. LaBonte is also a blogger, husband, yoga enthusiast, and a great cook. During his free time, you can find his watching baseball or playing catch with his son – a future baseball star.



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