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6 Benefits of International Protein Supplements for a Bodybuilder

Benefits of International Protein Supplements for a Bodybuilder
Written by Collins Nwokolo

International Protein Supplements promise four things: Taste, quality, affordability, results, and flexibility. Created by Christine Envall, a food scientist and three times world champion in bodybuilding, any bodybuilder using these supplements will know that it’s quality because the results speak for themselves. And because Christine is a bodybuilder, she knows what the body needs to reach maximum performance.

Benefits of International Protein Supplements for a Bodybuilder

Here are the benefits of International Protein Supplements:

1. Versatile

With products like International protein amino charged WPI, International Protein WPI, and International Protein, you can tailor your needs to whatever is best for you. There is no one size fits all, and with a broad range of products, you can get precisely what you want and need without having to search for other brands. As your body and workouts change, so do your body, which means you can’t expect to be using the same product throughout your bodybuilding journey.

2. Easy to use

You don’t have to meal prep every weekend when using protein supplements; you shake and go or add it to your oatmeal, yogurt, or even make pancakes with it. This is something you can carry everywhere with you and know that you have a healthy snack/meal replacement on hand. It takes a lot of stress away from you just knowing you won’t be harming your progress by purchasing an unhealthy snack or meal during the day.

3. Bodybuilders need more

As someone who needs more protein to fuel their performance, bodybuilders have different needs to other athletes. Their goal is to gain muscle and lose fat so those beautiful muscles can shine through. More protein means more energy and staying fuller for longer. And when you are fuller for longer, you eat less, but in this case, you should still be eating to fuel your body after a strenuous workout. 

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4. Gains and recovery

Using an International Protein Supplement will ensure muscle gains in the long run and help muscles recover after a hard workout. It helps fight fatigue in the gym and cuts recovery time, which is what your muscles need after being put through a rigorous exercise session. 

5. Less snacking

It’s a proven fact that when you work out, you become hungry because your body needs to replenish the fuel that it has lost. Protein helps by keeping satiated for longer, ensuring that you won’t snack unnecessarily. When your body is being fuelled by the correct food and supplements, you will have a greater chance of reaching your peak physique and performance.

Benefits of International Protein Supplements for a Bodybuilder

6. Quality

By using a quality product like International Protein WPI, for example, you are ensuring that your body is taking in the best source of protein it can get. When you settle for a lesser product that could maybe even be cheaper, you are foregoing your chance at reaching your end goal. When you make sure you use a good product, the results will be better, and you will feel better. There are plenty of protein powders on the market that promise results but use shady ingredients that have not been approved or might even be illegal. Christine Envall lives, eats, and sleeps bodybuilding, and as someone who is a food scientist, she knows what the best ingredients for a protein powder that will not harm you but help you flourish are.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to using International Protein Supplements for a bodybuilder. Protein has been known to improve performance and help muscle gain without hindering your health. 

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The body needs protein to function, and sometimes there are those who just need an extra kick to help them reach their goals.

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