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16 Innovate and Effective Ways to Manage Your Bad Temper

Effective Ways to Manage Your Bad Temper
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Firstly, anger isn’t a negative feeling; in fact, it allows you to be honest with your feelings. More likely, it is a voice to your real emotions. So, there’s nothing wrong if you get mad or angry soon.

Some of the day-to-day situations could be when someone cuts you off in traffic, when someone fails to understand you, or when planned things don’t become reality. This rage can turn into aggressiveness, which is unhealthy for you and the people around you.

However, controlling your rage before it turns into aggressiveness is vital. You can walk through these 16 innovative and effective ways to manage your bad temper.

1. Begin counting numbers

It may sound funny while reading but trust me, it works 1000%. Whenever you feel angry, begin a countdown to 10. If the intensity is high, then we would suggest starting from 100. This method will bring down your heart rate, defusing your anger.


2. Stop, think, and then speak

By the time, you count, think what’s right for the moment. Impulsively, you can split out words, which you’ll regret later. So, before you say something very harsh, stop, think for a second to collect your thoughts, and then speak about it.


3. Or take a deep breath

Well, science says, it is the best and easy exercise to make yourself calm down. As you get angry, your breathing becomes shallower. Hence, start taking a deep breath; inhale, and then exhale. Repeat it 10 times, and see the magic.


4. Go for some physical activity

Anyone that you like! Bicycle ride, a small walk, skating, etc., can lessen your stress level, which has your anger mode on/off button. It is said that if you turn your anger into satisfaction or enjoyment, you’d be able to save your relationships. So, do a physical activity that you enjoy the most

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5. Repeat the phrase

Everyone has some or the other phrases that calm them down. For instance, when I get angry, I tell to myself, ‘All is well, all is well’; I know it’s the renowned dialogue of one of the hit Bollywood movies ‘3 Idiots’. However, the conclusion is, it really helps me. There are other phrases too like, ‘Relax, calm down, take it easy, chill’, and many more.


6.  Listen to music

My other favourite way to calm myself down! Music helps people to put their anger emotions to the sea. So, whenever your rage is high, put in earbuds, crank up to your favourite music, and bring down your anger. Don’t forget to hum and sing the song loudly.


7. Take a timeout from talking

The best thing you can do to save people’s emotions from getting hurt from your jarring words. As the proverb goes, silence is the best medicine; it waves goodbye to your anger. Otherwise, once the words from your mouth fly to someone else’s ears, they might get hurt. So, stop talking for a while to manage your anger. Then you can split out your feelings in a calm manner.

Effective Ways to Manage Your Bad Temper

8. Take a break

When stressed or in anger, you should give yourself a small break. Go out with pets, take a solo trip, or go out for a movie. What’s best than this – go out shopping (undoubtedly, many women prefer that!). A few moments with yourself also makes you understand the right and wrong path well.


9. Practice humanism

No matter you think you’ve a bad soul or a good one, always remember that you’ve humanism. When in anger, talk to strangers, listen to their stories, and try helping them out. It helps you to observe life from another perspective and gain a positive experience. In addition to this, it will make you calm down.

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10. Meet a friend

In the heat of the moment, you may end up saying words that aren’t to be said. So, instead of screwing up the situation, help yourself process what actually happened. A friend is the one whom you can count on. Reach out to your trustworthy friend and seek advice.


11. Laugh loudly

You can vanish your bad mood with the moments of laughter. Look for ways that can make you laugh loudly. It can be either meeting with your craziest friend, playing with your pet, scrolling memes, or watching stand-up comedy shows. All of these will help you in bringing down your anger as well as your bad mood. Laughter is the best medicine not a number of diseases, including anger.


12. Jot down the good moments

This is one of the prettiest ways to dispense your anger issues. Sometimes, in anger, people think that nothing is going right in their life and eventually gets suicidal thoughts. At that moment, you should take a pen and a paper, and write the best or good things that have happened in your life. There will be; just push your mind a bit.


13. Bring a change in routine

Imagine you got late for the office due to a slow commute and even missed your morning coffee. A day started with challenges, which eventually arouses anger. In such situations, you must try changing your daily routine. In this scenario, change your transportation, and order a coffee in the office.


14. Speak through a letter

When you’re angry, try to write it down on paper or notes. Express your emotions there instead to a person. After writing them down, erase them. Sounds weird, but it actually works. Oftentimes, all a person need is to vent out their emotions. And writing them down would be an ideal option.

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15. Forgive in your imagination

Forgiving someone takes a lot of courage. But doing this at the time of anger is challenging. So, if you can’t go that far, then simply imagine that how you feel after forgiving the person. That’s it; your anger will slowly reduce its pace.


16. Get creative

Oh yes! Employ your time in something that you like to do rather than getting angry at someone. It could be anything – painting, singing, dancing, writing poetry, or anything else. You can use your passion to vent out your anger emotions.


Final thoughts:

Anger is an emotion that can erupt anytime, anywhere, or on anyone. Implementing all the above-said ways from the beginning will lead you to a peaceful life. Otherwise, with age, you can get angry on pity things like unable to hear people’s conversation. Well, in that case, you may outburst instead of taking as one of the signs that you need a hearing test.

Hopefully, the above innovative and effective ways will contribute to managing your bad temper. However, if these tips don’t help, then consult a doctor.


Author Bio:

Erika Rhein, a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches, however, I prioritise writing on health, fitness, lifestyle, medical and so on.  I always strive to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing.


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